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Woe is me!

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Nannylovesshopping Mon 17-Apr-23 19:39:42

I lost two stone in weight last year, smug, but somehow have managed to put a stone back on, so it has to come off, new home in Portugal means swimsuits and shorts very soon, so my question what do you all eat when eating very healthily to lose a few pounds/stones, I need ideas to get back in the swing of not stuffing my face on a regular basis, I know about protein, important and keeping low carb etc, just need a little help😀

Caramme Mon 17-Apr-23 20:23:31

Being diabetic I am also well aware of heathy eating, low carb, etc. But knowing the theory does not always help and I give in to temptation far too easily. The only way I can stick to a sensible diet is to not buy the bad stuff in the first place. Good luck, dieting is harder than a lot of people seem to think.

Hetty58 Mon 17-Apr-23 20:35:18

I don't tend to put on weight but I've noticed that I do overeat a lot when I'm really hungry. I think it's best to eat little and often. I agree about not buying the bad stuff - especially not family-sized packs. If I want an unhealthy treat, I'll buy just the one!

My friend eats an apple before main meals to suppress/limit her appetite - and swears by it.

Georgesgran Mon 17-Apr-23 20:44:17

The theory is simple - eat less, move more. Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t put that theory into practice! I’d love to lose a stone before my holidays.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 17-Apr-23 21:32:06

Grazing helps me, no huge meals at the end of the day.

I’ve recently stopped eating meat and I’ve lost weight, not sure how, but hey ho, i’m not complaining.