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Own brand versions that are at least as good as the market leaders.

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Elegran Tue 04-Jul-23 10:45:56

I bought Tesco's own "Wheat Biscuits" in mistake for Weetabix, and discovered that they are so like the "real thing" that they could have been made in the same factory. What is more they are almost exactly half the price! Does anyone else have any favourites which match the market leaders in quality and beat them hands down on price?

SueDonim Tue 04-Jul-23 10:49:02

Almost anyone’s faux Weetabix is as good as the real thing. Apart from Aldi’s very cheapest, which is like chewing cardboard.

Most supermarket baked beans but particularly M&S ones. Ditto tinned tomatoes. Bread as well.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Jul-23 10:49:16

Waitrose essential Baked Beans, in my opinion are 100% better than the leading brands.

Aldi West Country salted butter along with Norpak are better than the more expensive butters and Lurpak.

Elegran Tue 04-Jul-23 10:54:00

That was quick, GG13 amd SueDonim I left the room for literally 5 mins and came back to 2 replies!

SueDonim Tue 04-Jul-23 10:58:11

I’m prevaricating, Elegran. I ought to be packing for a holiday. grin

GrannyGravy13 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:01:51

I am tackling an ironing pile of Everest proportions with my iPad open on GN, ironing is not my favourite household job, but unfortunately I am also verging on OCD with regards to bedding and clothes.

Greenfinch Tue 04-Jul-23 11:04:09

I tend to buy nearly all own brands but I do disagree about the Weetabix. In my opinion you can’t beat the real thing. Most own brand cereals are good except perhaps Shreddies which I buy for the grandchildren and also they prefer Nutella to the own brands.Tesco oats are good too. Some own brand things seem to have disappeared. I can’t find custard powder and the only alternative to Lyles golden syrup I have found is Lidl’s which is just as expensive.

Calendargirl Tue 04-Jul-23 11:06:09

I think Tesco’s own brand of cocoa (not drinking chocolate) is as good or better than the well known one.

A bit different, but in a good way.

Kate1949 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:06:18

Aldi and Lidl baked beans are nicer than Heinz (in my opinion). Aldi crisps, Red Label tea bags, bread, crumpets, fish fingers All great. I could list more.

Dee1012 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:08:55

The Almat washing liquid from Aldi is brilliant and is one of the best I've used, as is their Norpak 'butter'...which I actually prefer.

Theexwife Tue 04-Jul-23 11:11:23

I used to know someone that worked in procurement for a supermarket.

When Tesco used the phrase 'as good as the leading brand' it was because it was the leading brand with different packaging.

grannyrebel7 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:15:01

Agree about Sainsbury's Red Label tea bags and Almat washing powder from Aldi's. I also like M&S's soup.

Sar53 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:16:22

I prefer Lidl's Danpak to the more expensive Lurpak. I also like Lidl's sesame seed cripbreads, nicer, in my opinion than Ryvita's.

Kate1949 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:20:31

Aldi Rosemary savoury crackers are gorgeous.

Granmarderby10 Tue 04-Jul-23 11:24:01

I have found the M&S version of Weatabix more acceptable than other “own brands” and still cheaper than the original.

But it is obvious now that all wheat biscuits cereals are much thinner and more rugged than they were. I find Kellogg’s Cornflakes are also much smaller.

Birds Custard Powder has always had a monopoly on the product I can only name one other personally, I think it was Morrisons.
Anyone notice how the time honoured mixing instruction for Birds custard has changed?

Greenfinch Tue 04-Jul-23 11:39:48

That’s interesting about Bird’s custard. I must go and have a look at the instructions.Sainsbury’s used to do their own but sadly no more.

Jaxjacky Tue 04-Jul-23 11:59:09

%SueD agree with you on wheat biscuits, I use Co-op ones too.
My food delivery is from Tesco, I buy their own brand frozen and tinned veg, tinned fruit in juice, porridge oats, passata (or growers choice even cheaper), salad cream, butter I could go on. Hellmans ketchup is good and as said, M&S baked beans.
Very little brand allegiance in this house, coffee, toothpaste, soap and shampoo/conditioner are all I can think of for now.

Philippa111 Tue 04-Jul-23 12:04:24

They say that after eating a similar item to one that you like, for a few times, you forget the original taste. It's not always that the original is 'better' but simply that you have got used to that specific taste.
But I agree there are some own brand things that taste terrible... not because they are different but simply that they are not very nice!
I use Waitrose tomato ketchup and beans and actually prefer them to Heinz... but my daughter and granddaughter are Heinz devotees. Lidl tomato products are just as good unless of course you want the premium Mutti ones which do taste much better but at almost double the price.

Advertising is a powerful medium to sway our choices but in fact we are paying for the advertising when we buy the product. Brand loyalty has been well researched by well known brands... they can be very good at keeping us hooked in.

I think the current economic climate has got many of us trying own brand as it can be significantly cheaper.. I think its a bit hit and miss, especially in the cheaper supermarkets

Bella23 Tue 04-Jul-23 12:15:06

We have had trouble getting Lyles syrup in the North West. When I was near a Waitrose I used their own label all the time and found them excellent.
Now I have a Sainsburys, their beans are alright and porridge, tomatoes are appalling and Mutti over a pound a tin!!! Their petit pois are good and reduced sugar Tomato ketchup, streaky bacon and large free-range chickens.
I have also found their fresh veg dire and use an independent shop when possible and for all our meat.

Callistemon21 Tue 04-Jul-23 12:17:07


Waitrose essential Baked Beans, in my opinion are 100% better than the leading brands.

Aldi West Country salted butter along with Norpak are better than the more expensive butters and Lurpak.

Yes, I'd always choose Waitrose own baked beans over any other brand.

Lidl West Country butter
Lidl or Tesco 50% fruit muesli (DH prefers it)

Redhead56 Tue 04-Jul-23 13:13:00

Asda Tesco Aldi Branston baked beans in rich sauce not (economy) are far superior compared to Heinz. I go to farm shop for fruit and veg (that is not on my veg plot). Such poor quality tasteless stuff in all of the supermarkets.

M0nica Tue 04-Jul-23 13:35:51

I cannot compare because I so rarely buy branded goods. It is nothing new, I never have. Very occasionally, when something unbranded tastes horrible, I might try a brand, but otherwise, they would all go bust if they had to rely on me for their income.

I am amazed that so many do buy branded goods.

BlueSapphire Tue 04-Jul-23 13:52:24

Always try to buy supermarket's own brand. Sainsbury's Yeast Extract is just as good if not better than Marmite.

keepcalmandcavachon Tue 04-Jul-23 14:01:30

Without my glasses and at a fair distance Mr Keepcalm looks just as good as George Clooney.

Louella12 Tue 04-Jul-23 14:13:10

Marks and Spencer baked beans. Far superior and the cheapest I believe

Also their tuna in spring water