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begbrook1 Mon 02-Oct-23 09:33:17

I have two onion related questions if anyone can help.
1. I have some white Sarsons pickling vinegar (to pickle eggs) is it possible to use it for pickled onions? I'm sure my mum used to do this but added a little brown malt vinegar to give them some colour.
2. Does anyone have a copy of Digby Law's recipe for curried onions. I can't find it anywhere.

Redhead56 Mon 02-Oct-23 09:41:58

I only ever use white vinegar for pickling with the usual peppercorns etc. I have never heard of Digby Laws will have to look that one up. I follow www.allotment the recipes never fail they are always successful.

M0nica Mon 02-Oct-23 09:50:35

Here is a link to DigbyLaw's vegetable cookbook. Few of his recipes seem available online