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Well-known animals

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NanKate Mon 12-Feb-18 20:30:46

Here is another quiz I got from local radio.

Name a well-known animal, however not fictitious ones, or those who act in films eg Lassie or Skippie.

So for starters Burmas the Bear born at London Zoo in 1949.

NanKate Mon 12-Feb-18 20:31:23

Sorry wrong spelling Brumas the Bear.

chelseababy Mon 12-Feb-18 20:32:17

Guy the gorilla

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 20:48:56

Ching Ching the giant panda

chelseababy Mon 12-Feb-18 21:01:11

Goldie the eagle

NanKate Mon 12-Feb-18 21:03:16

Shep the dog on Blue Peter

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 21:07:00

Shergar the missing racehorse

MawBroon Mon 12-Feb-18 21:09:47

You may not know this but the Curly-coated Retriever in “Greystoke the legend of Tarzan” belonged to my cousin Ian and was called Corrie.

hildajenniJ Mon 12-Feb-18 21:10:29

Jumbo the elephant

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 21:11:29

Yay! Fame by association Maw! smile Was he a nice dog irl too?

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 21:13:34

Ham the first chimpanzee sent into space poor little thing

MawBroon Mon 12-Feb-18 21:14:38

A lovely dog chewbacca - this being 30 or so years ago!

Marydoll Mon 12-Feb-18 21:44:54

Red Rum, won three Grand Nationals

Marydoll Mon 12-Feb-18 21:45:46

Trigger, Roy Roger's horse

MissAdventure Mon 12-Feb-18 21:45:54

Koko, the 'talking' gorilla.

hildajenniJ Mon 12-Feb-18 22:49:42

Bubbles (Michael Jackson's chimp).

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 22:56:46

Pudsy the dancing dog

Squiffy Mon 12-Feb-18 23:00:54

Lulu the elephant (The Blue Peter Incident!)

MissAdventure Mon 12-Feb-18 23:02:33

MissAdventure Mon 12-Feb-18 23:06:39

Following on from that, Shep, the Blue Peter dog.

Chewbacca Mon 12-Feb-18 23:08:38

Brilliant MissA grin Even more funny now than it was back then!

MissAdventure Mon 12-Feb-18 23:10:13

I know, its great fun! grin

Bathsheba Mon 12-Feb-18 23:18:17

Dolly the sheep

Bathsheba Mon 12-Feb-18 23:20:49

Haha MissA, I'd forgotten just how funny that was grin

Bathsheba Mon 12-Feb-18 23:24:08

Laika, the poor Sputnik dog, destined to die in space sad