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NanKate Thu 05-Apr-18 08:10:48

Angora scarf

I know there are complaints about too many games on GN, so please don’t tell anyone I have posted here. 😉

mcem Thu 05-Apr-18 08:49:29

It's ok. I'll just hide your discussion and leave you in peace to get on with your game smile

pensionpat Thu 05-Apr-18 08:51:44

This one will run forever.


Squiffy Thu 05-Apr-18 11:17:31

Curtains (so we can hide from The Others!)

NanKate Thu 05-Apr-18 13:54:44

Dusters in the homeware department

gmelon Thu 05-Apr-18 14:01:19

Electrical goods

gmelon Thu 05-Apr-18 14:06:06

Are these games more popular in the evenings?

NanaandGrampy Thu 05-Apr-18 16:04:29

Can you hide discussions mcem? Please share how if you can :-)

lemongrove Thu 05-Apr-18 17:36:51

Fancy Goods!

BBbevan Thu 05-Apr-18 19:48:18

Games and Toys Dept

NanKate Thu 05-Apr-18 19:52:53

Fire hydrant

I suspect mcem won’t return to this thread. If you go on the thread complaining about too many games NannyandGrampy they explain how to do it.

pensionpat Thu 05-Apr-18 19:54:15


NanKate Thu 05-Apr-18 19:54:29


Sorry I’m getting my alphabet muddled.

Chewbacca Thu 05-Apr-18 19:56:13

Ipads and Ipods

pensionpat Thu 05-Apr-18 20:01:29


NanKate Fri 06-Apr-18 06:38:54

Knee high socks

Marydoll Fri 06-Apr-18 08:05:19


Bellanonna Fri 06-Apr-18 08:52:51

Maternity clothes

annodomini Fri 06-Apr-18 09:41:37


Agus Fri 06-Apr-18 11:28:19

Off the shoulder dresses 😄

goldengirl Fri 06-Apr-18 12:23:11

Pastry cutters

BBbevan Fri 06-Apr-18 14:54:29

Qualcast mowers

NanKate Fri 06-Apr-18 16:04:23


Cherrytree59 Fri 06-Apr-18 16:16:45


nanaK54 Fri 06-Apr-18 18:24:14

Timberland boots