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The A to Z of the Bathroom/Shower Room.

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NanKate Sat 28-Jul-18 20:26:57

Alkaseltzer in the medicine cabinet.

Another idea taken from BBC Radio Southern Counties.

Marydoll Sat 28-Jul-18 20:31:00

Bath Bombs ( of the fizzing variety)

ginny Sat 28-Jul-18 21:41:40

Cotton wool .

nanaK54 Sat 28-Jul-18 21:50:11

Deep heat spray

Cherrytree59 Sat 28-Jul-18 22:15:18

Epsom salts

matson Sat 28-Jul-18 22:18:02

Foam bath

NanKate Sat 28-Jul-18 22:25:30

Gardenia soap.

Please don’t get stuck in the bath again Mary 🛀

Marydoll Sat 28-Jul-18 22:38:40

"HELP needed! Stuck in the bath, AGAIN" ...., but not for much longer.😁

Health salts (Anyone remember, Andrew's liver salts? )

Suki70 Sat 28-Jul-18 22:54:59

Imodium (in the medicine cabinet)

nanaK54 Sat 28-Jul-18 23:04:10

Johnson's baby shampoo

Marydoll Sat 28-Jul-18 23:08:48

Kaolin poultice
Do you still get them ?

NanKate Sun 29-Jul-18 07:10:07

Lino on the floor (1950s bathroom)

Marydoll I have had so many Kaolin poultices over the years, my mother used to put the on me burning hot, but I must admit they worked.

Marydoll Sun 29-Jul-18 08:17:17

Men's shaving paraphernalia lying everywhere angry

Marydoll Sun 29-Jul-18 08:18:33

Kate, my mum used them all the time on my father, as he had chronic lung problems. I remember the red tin, it was in.

tiredoldwoman Sun 29-Jul-18 09:21:33

Nail file

lemongrove Sun 29-Jul-18 09:45:33

Olbas oil

NanKate Sun 29-Jul-18 10:08:50

Petroleum jelly - Vaseline.

Marydoll Sun 29-Jul-18 11:57:49

Q tips

matson Sun 29-Jul-18 14:29:48

Radox bath salts

NanKate Sun 29-Jul-18 21:37:56

Sponge for bath or shower.

lemongrove Sun 29-Jul-18 21:40:23


Marydoll Sun 29-Jul-18 22:03:56

Ultra large bottle of shampoo. best I can manage. 😁

tiredoldwoman Mon 30-Jul-18 05:22:23


NanKate Mon 30-Jul-18 06:45:57


Niobe Mon 30-Jul-18 16:24:22

Xtra large bottle of Clairol blue shampoo (1.5 litres) that I buy once a year to keep my silver ie grey hair from going yellow.