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Brunette10 Sun 24-Mar-19 11:19:33

Relaxing on Sunday.

Dawn22 Sun 24-Mar-19 11:57:55

Heating is broken.

Marydoll Sun 24-Mar-19 12:05:48

Buying new trainers

Brunette10 Sun 24-Mar-19 12:32:10

That sounds exciting.

angelic Sun 24-Mar-19 16:58:34

Beautiful garden day

Marydoll Sun 24-Mar-19 16:59:04

Never got them sold out

Oldandverygrey Sun 24-Mar-19 17:07:21

Happy grandchildren day.

chelseababy Sun 24-Mar-19 17:18:49

Full to bursting!

Brunette10 Sun 24-Mar-19 17:24:04

What - no trainers?

phoenix Sun 24-Mar-19 17:59:07

Re the OP:

Please stop "shouting" smile

Marydoll Sun 24-Mar-19 18:52:05

Trainers No longer available sad

SisterAct Sun 24-Mar-19 18:58:22

Wine in hand

Brunette10 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:51:27

Oh dear Marydoll sad

Marydoll Sun 24-Mar-19 19:55:33

There'll be others grin

Brunette10 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:57:08

Ah, I’m sure. smile

angelic Mon 25-Mar-19 12:16:35

Probably not same😢

farview Mon 25-Mar-19 16:22:53

Packing for Dubai
(Not seen daughter &2yr old GS since August)

Brunette10 Mon 25-Mar-19 16:50:19

Excited for you.

farview Mon 25-Mar-19 18:41:31

Excited also Brunette10 😃

Juliette Mon 25-Mar-19 19:31:13

Life’s too short!

Juliette Mon 25-Mar-19 19:32:54

To stuff cannelloni

Brunette10 Mon 25-Mar-19 19:44:59

Enjoy yourself Farview smile

NanKate Sat 30-Mar-19 08:21:44

Recovering from childminding 🙃

Marydoll Sat 30-Mar-19 08:22:59

Exhausted from childminding ! 😴

farview Sat 30-Mar-19 17:21:55

Stupidly got sunstroke
(what a numpty!)