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Say how you are feeling in either three or six words.

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Dawn22 Sun 22-Mar-20 10:26:45

I liked this thread before so just wanted to resurrect it. We can have the shorter version of 3 words or longer version 6 words; depending on how much you want to get off your chest.

Dawn22 Sun 22-Mar-20 10:28:36

Just another day.

craftyone Sun 22-Mar-20 10:32:26

upbeat and safe

Sar53 Sun 22-Mar-20 10:38:41

Missing my girls

Greyduster Sun 22-Mar-20 10:44:10

Blood pressure going through the roof!

tanith Sun 22-Mar-20 11:16:10

Scared humble grateful

Oopsminty Sun 22-Mar-20 11:38:29

Safe and sound

Dawn22 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:43:24

Put on my dress for Mother's day.

Biddysue Sun 22-Mar-20 11:55:17

Pleased my son phoned

angie95 Sun 22-Mar-20 11:57:11

Achy but happy

Susanjaylibra Sun 22-Mar-20 12:00:06

Riding the storm

Nortsat Sun 22-Mar-20 12:01:37

Ok 90% of the time, thanks. ๐Ÿ’

GagaJo Sun 22-Mar-20 12:03:17

Bored, headachy, relieved, anxious, in-love, worried.

Maybelater2020 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:04:20

Enjoying the sunshinesunshine

Grannynannywanny Sun 22-Mar-20 12:04:56

Lump in throat during Grandkids FaceTime

Hetty58 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:05:55

Happy (crappy here) Mother's Day everyone!

Ramblingrose22 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:07:13

Have asthma so very worried.

Txquiltz Sun 22-Mar-20 12:10:02

Miss grandsons, bored, hopefully optimistic.

Mollygo Sun 22-Mar-20 12:11:43

Worried but walking in the sunshine.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

Rosalyn69 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:12:44


Funnygran Sun 22-Mar-20 12:14:06

Feeling rather bored.

Grannygrumps1 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:16:12

Knackered from gardening.

Moggycuddler Sun 22-Mar-20 12:18:04

Worried. Stressed. Depressed.

whywhywhy Sun 22-Mar-20 12:20:26

Depressed, sad and lonely.

Grannycool52 Sun 22-Mar-20 12:22:09

Missing the kids, enjoying the sunshine ๐Ÿ˜Š