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Easter Saturday: Miss Marydoll's Marvellous Maths Marathon

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Marydoll Sat 11-Apr-20 08:47:35

Good morning class. I did try to find an Easter themed maths puzzle, but most were subject to copyright, so I couldn't post here.

I know the question talks circles, but they became ovals when I uploaded. That comment is to pre-empt any dispute about whether they are circles or ovals.
The important part is the calculation.

Could we please have the answers initially, then later have the process, to prove how it is done.
It means others can have a go.

Marydoll Sat 11-Apr-20 10:45:40

Where have all my pupils gone?
Just because it's Easter, doesn't mean a day off.

Sorry, but I've just eaten all the creme eggs I bought as a treat. 🤮

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 10:51:27

I've only just got over yesterday's but that's because I left it until today!!

This took ages

I could see the 2nd one straight away but applying the same principle to No.1 didn't work so I had to keep going back to No. 2 to find a different way of getting the answer.

Then, applied to No. 3, I get:


Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 10:51:52

My heads hurting, I need chocolate

Bathsheba Sat 11-Apr-20 10:56:39

I'm here Miss!!! Sorry, I was just finishing up all the hot cross buns and chocolate before everyone else got here.

Anyway, the answer is 48 smile

Bathsheba Sat 11-Apr-20 11:02:51

Now, of course, I'm trying to work out how Callistemon arrived at the middle answer by a different route. Seems I've set myself a second challenge now...

Bathsheba Sat 11-Apr-20 11:07:07

Oh yes! I've just worked out how you did that Callistemon - it would have made the answer to the third one 7 - am I right?

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 11:09:44

Only on the second one!

3 x 7 = 21
21 - 10 = 11
11 + 1 = 12

Don't try this at home.

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 11:11:03

Yes, it would.
But the first one didn't work out so I knew something must be wrong.

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 11:15:20

No, it would be 7 I think
I'm getting confused now.

Bathsheba Sat 11-Apr-20 11:17:38

No, it would be 7 I think

I'm confused now, because that's what I said - 7....

Marydoll Sat 11-Apr-20 11:24:36

HINT: The rule involves the following three math operators: addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

CraftyGranny Sat 11-Apr-20 11:39:47


CraftyGranny Sat 11-Apr-20 13:00:05

Whoops I think that is wrong

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 13:08:33

Oh dear, it's the heat getting to me Bathsheba

CraftyGranny Sat 11-Apr-20 13:08:58


CraftyGranny Sat 11-Apr-20 13:13:39

Why are there only three of us in class Miss

willa45 Sat 11-Apr-20 13:44:36

Good morning Miss Marydoll and everyone! Miss, I hope you're feeling much better today. It's a gorgeous, chilly day here in Pennsylvania, USA!

To avoid the virus, I decided to start this year's garden from (mail order) seeds. A friend also grew some tomatoes in pots quite successfully last year. Two (of the many) tomato seeds I started last week (in paper cups) just sprouted, so I'm very excited about that. Flowers should be coming up in a few days too.

OK enough of that.....Finished my coffee and made it in early to class today! (Bad headache until l saw the light)......If I figured out the rule correctly, the 'mystery' number is 48!

Doodle Sat 11-Apr-20 14:24:29

MissMiss*. Sorry I’m late I was waiting for willa so she didn’t feel bad coming in late. Somehow she sneaked in without me 🥺
I’ll sit down now and do my sums. Not going to look at anyone’s answers till I have finished. Is it a hard one today? 😥

Squiffy Sat 11-Apr-20 14:28:58

Sorry I’m late, too! My brain hasn’t engaged itself yet, I think its cogs are in the wrong order and it can’t work out today’s puzzle 😩 ‘Must try harder .....’

Doodle Sat 11-Apr-20 14:39:40

Is the answer 48 Miss?
squiffy you can copy mine if you like. I won’t tell. 😉

JackyB Sat 11-Apr-20 14:59:20

I get 48, too.

mary51 Sat 11-Apr-20 15:18:56

My Dh worked it out straight away. I've just got it and kicking myself . 48 .

Pittcity Sat 11-Apr-20 15:25:48


Squiffy Sat 11-Apr-20 17:46:27

Thank you Doodle, but are you sure you’ve got it right? It would look suspicious if we both got it wrong! 🙄 😉