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Wednesday: Miss Marydoll’s, Eggciting Eggcellent, Eggsasperating, Eggceptional, Egg Puzzle.

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Marydoll Wed 15-Apr-20 09:17:55

Good morning all you eggceptional mathematicians, here is today's puzzle.
If you click on the image, it will be easier to see.

How can you boil an egg for exactly nine minutes with only a 4-minute hourglass and a 7-minute hourglass to measure the time?

Pantglas2 Wed 15-Apr-20 09:25:31

Please Miss.....who wants to eat a 9min boiled egg?

Ducks behind desk to avoid accurately thrown duster......

Marydoll Wed 15-Apr-20 09:51:04

Pantglas, I can assure you, I have a very good aim. I blame that Doodle, she is responsible for the anarchy in this class!

Pantglas2 Wed 15-Apr-20 09:54:39

Yes Miss! She made me do it......grin

gillybob Wed 15-Apr-20 09:56:15

We’ve got one of those new fangled timers on our oven Miss so we don’t really need to use egg timers . We’re posh in our house.

Bathsheba Wed 15-Apr-20 10:06:34

I think I know how to do it Miss! Shall I post my explanation later?

Bathsheba Wed 15-Apr-20 10:07:09

I just tell Alexa to set the timer for 9 minutes. Much easier.

Marydoll Wed 15-Apr-20 10:09:20

Bathsheba, that would be good, after all we don't want people copying!

Callistemon Wed 15-Apr-20 10:09:25

DH always does the boiled eggs in our house.
I am ashamed to say I can't boil eggs, even after watching Delia's Basic Cookery course.
I can, of course, hardboil them for salads and sandwiches.

Back later, have to dig out some weeds. I will have a think while I dig!


Pantglas2 Wed 15-Apr-20 10:10:42

Okay, thinking out loud...

Turn both egg timers over and when the 4min finishes turn it over again. When 7 min finishes put eggs on to boilgiving 1min until 4min finishes. You then do two more turns on the 4min timer, giving 9 minutes in total.

Marydoll Wed 15-Apr-20 11:17:50

GNHQ have stolen my thunder with their daily challenge. sad.
I'm all alone in my classroom. 😪

Pantglas2 Wed 15-Apr-20 11:20:42

I’m still here on the naughty stool Miss.....Woz I rite?

Bathsheba Wed 15-Apr-20 11:34:00

Miss, Miss it's not fair. Pantglas has written how to do it and that's how I did it and I was going to wait till later to explain it and now it looks as if I just copied her sad

Callistemon Wed 15-Apr-20 11:48:43

Alexa - help!!

Even coffee and mini eggs aren't helping today

Feelingmyage55 Wed 15-Apr-20 13:37:54

Just arrived and it is finished. Please may I clean the blackboard miss?
Is there another little one? I’ve just started to “think” this week?

Doodle Wed 15-Apr-20 13:57:26

Miss Doll I think you’ve been eating too much of that chocolate you found in your linen cupboard. Your title thread leads me to believe you are like my DGC when they have excess of chocolate...hyperactive grin

Doodle Wed 15-Apr-20 13:57:40

Now to the quiz.

Doodle Wed 15-Apr-20 14:04:22

pantglas you fibber 😱 I wasn’t even in class when you did that. Oops.. sorry I was late again Miss

Doodle Wed 15-Apr-20 14:16:59

bathsheba that’s a brilliant idea. (Alexa) wish I’d thought of it.
feelingmyage you’re even later than me. Perhaps I can get off the norty seat now.

I tried Miss I really did but I got so caught up with 7 minus 4 and 3 with one left I kept getting it wrong. Sorry 😥

Doodle Wed 15-Apr-20 14:52:23

Miss Marydoll - a poem

To keep the Netters on their toes
And stop them thinking of their woes 😥
Miss Marydoll’s gone back to teaching
Keeping our brains from atrophying 🤔

Miss Marydoll’s class is full of fun
And well behaved apart from some 😡
That doodles known to be a corker
Constantly being out of order 😇

Gillybob’s been naughty too
Had to join the detention queue 🥺
And squiffy’s dog, what can you say 💩
I expect she’ll bring him back one day!

Pantglas posts a teasing wheeze
Then hides her head between her knees 😉
callistemon cannot boil an egg
She calls on Alexa to time it instead 🐣

Bathsheba‘s got a clever reply
But not the right one my o my.😊
feelingmyage has just come in
Oh my goodness 😱 where’ve you bin.

Many others come to play
So where have they all gone today.🤔
Come back to class before I tell,
Your missing, when we ring the bell 🔔


Marydoll Wed 15-Apr-20 14:55:17

Oh, I absolutely love it!! 😘

Bathsheba Wed 15-Apr-20 16:09:04

OK, so here's my explanation for what it's worth:

Set both timers
When the 4 minute one has finished, turn it over and restart it;
When the 7 minute one has finished, turn it over (there is now 1 minute left in the 4 minute one);
When the 4 minute one is empty again, turn the 7 minute one over quickly - it has only filtered one minute's worth of sand through to the bottom, so when this has gone back through, you'll have had 2 x 4 minutes worth and that 1 minute from the 7 minute one, making 9 minutes in total.

Phew, that looks ever so confusing Miss, sorry. I hope it makes sense blush

Pantglas2 Wed 15-Apr-20 16:54:20

Well it’s obvious now who’s gonna be Teachers Pet
A more blatant attempt I’ve not seen yet
Might ave guessed it’d be Naughty Doodle
She’s quite good at using her noodle
To get the rest of us up Schitts Creek
Unlike me - who’s mild and meek
And in who’s mouth butter wouldn’t melt
Yikes! Miss has caught me, I’m getting the belt!

Callistemon Wed 15-Apr-20 17:44:14

It was one of those puzzles which just kept eluding me, there at the edge of my brain but kept disappearing grin

Callistemon Wed 15-Apr-20 17:46:37

Doodle grin