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Tuesday:Tired Miss MaryDoll's Trying and Troublesome Maths Class.

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Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 08:42:54

Todays' Puzzle.

PM me if you want confirmation.

Good morning all, here is today's puzzle.
The types of food are:

Thank you for yesterday class, you are a lovely bunch πŸ’—

Pantglas2 Tue 12-May-20 08:51:36

Ooh goodee! Miss is bac with lots to eat afta our Midnite Feest!

We mist you on Insekt Dae but we woznt norty- jes a bit mischief plaefwl!

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 08:54:07

That wee besom, Pantglas is class swot!
She has been hiding her light under a bushel, pretending to be a naughty schoolgirl. πŸ˜‚

Pantglas2 Tue 12-May-20 08:57:31

Ooh Miss πŸ’– I’m not preetennin atall......!

mary51 Tue 12-May-20 09:01:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 09:03:56

OH NO!!!😱

Mary you have done it again and posted the answers!

It doesn't matter anyway , as they are not all correct! 🀣

mary51 Tue 12-May-20 09:08:48

Really sorry.

Have reported message and hope its cancelled soon.

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 09:11:25

🍎for Beechnut Well done.

Beechnut Tue 12-May-20 09:12:55

Thanks miss. I like these πŸ˜ƒ

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 09:16:54

Class, I won't be back for a while, so don't worry if I don't respond to your answer PM right away.

I need to catch up on all the things, I didn't get done yesterday, when I was unwell. 😘

Pantglas2 Tue 12-May-20 09:29:01

Wel dun Beechnut for cumin to Skool promply on thyme! Not like norty Doodle wooz bin up all nite drincin bier......

Puzzler61 Tue 12-May-20 10:47:35

Well done Pants . You got a stiffikat! I only just got to klass so I’m in the back row. Gonna get my thinking kap on then pee emm Miss.

Callistemon Tue 12-May-20 10:50:43

I'm not cheating from Mary51 cos she dun it wrong anyway.

Anywun else hung over from the midnite feast?

Callistemon Tue 12-May-20 10:51:47

cummin bak soon

Bathsheba Tue 12-May-20 11:11:36

Pant, pant, puff, puff, wheeze...... phyoo, got hear at lars!!! I bin runnin awl the weigh cos mista Jonsan sed we av to avvoyed publick tranzpaut. Im reely puft owt now! But I wil do my sums kwiklee for Miss.

Doodle Tue 12-May-20 11:32:55

I’m here two. I woz not dwinking all nite pants I woz hidin undr v cuvers coz I woz so scarded bout yous gost stowies πŸ‘»
Glad yous bak toda Miss we missed you Miss
I goin to do my sums know. 😊
callistemon av we got anee cak left. Iz ungry and myz tumee is wumblung.
bathsheba you soun like a steem engin puffin an pantin 😊

Bathsheba Tue 12-May-20 11:55:26

Hello Doods, pleezd yoo maed it! I mist the sleepova partee lars nite cos my mum wooden let me gosad. She sed thare woz no weigh I woz goin owt jus warin my jimjams, cos thay is verree flymsee an awlmose seafru. I evn sed I wud ware nikkers and ves unnerneef but she stil sed no angry

Doodle Tue 12-May-20 11:58:59

Oh bathsheba sorry yous wozn loud out. We misd yous. I got sum cwisps and cake hear for yous. May bees if we hav nover one we culd av a onesies party den she wooden be so cwoss. 😊

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 12:23:25

Doodle 🍎 and Puzzler 🍎
CraftyGranny, nearly there.

Remember everyone, I need the value of the ❓

Feelingmyage55 Tue 12-May-20 12:35:21

Just got here. Need to find my thinking cap.

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 12:42:11

CraftyGranny for you.🍎

Feelingmyage, thanks for the puzzle yesterday!🍬

Marydoll Tue 12-May-20 12:48:05

Our lovely American friend, wila is up early this morning, but she is incapacitated. 🍎 and πŸ’ for her.

I hope things improve!

Bathsheba Tue 12-May-20 13:05:50

Ooh yeah Doods a wunzy partee wud be evaso gud. My mum wooden mined me goin to that! An Ive got a reely luverlee wunzy, itz pink an fluffee wiv yoonikawns awl ova it, an itz got a hud wiv a yoonikawn hawn, wot is awl silva an shynee, an its got a beeyutifool tale at the bak, awl raneboe cullers an itz reel hare an yoo kan brush it an evryfin. Wel, not reely reel hare, probly that nighlon stuff lik wot dolls hav.

Kan I av sum crips an caik pleez? Fanks!

Bathsheba Tue 12-May-20 13:09:34

Oh pore Willa sad. I hope shes betta toomorro. Ill arsk Doodle to saiv sum cake for her.

CraftyGranny Tue 12-May-20 13:11:18

get well soon wila flowers
Fank you for the apl Miss, just wot I nead. Feelin reely down
in the dumps todae. an its weely cold ere. mite ave to put the eatin on,