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Hidden book titles

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Elegran Thu 12-Nov-20 12:05:44

The annual hidden books game from National Book Tokens is back!

Oopsminty Thu 12-Nov-20 12:07:44

Oh I love these

I astound myself at my inability to find any

baubles Thu 12-Nov-20 12:17:28

Thanks Elegran, I loved this last year.

Elegran Thu 12-Nov-20 12:34:36

Score so far - zero.

Bathsheba Thu 12-Nov-20 12:38:12

Ooh thanks Elegran, I love doing these! And gosh, didn't it come round quickly? Can't believe it's a year since the last one 😲

Pittcity Thu 12-Nov-20 15:01:18

I've got two... Its not easy!

Pittcity Thu 12-Nov-20 15:30:13

Sir Precious Jewellers is an easy one to start with.
The telescope is part of Sunday evening viewing at present.

Bathsheba Fri 13-Nov-20 13:05:50

It's definitely not easy Pittcity, I'm really struggling.

Elegran Fri 13-Nov-20 18:44:45

Five. I think this year's is particularly difficult - but I think that every year. Once you do get one it is usually blindingly obvious.

Lucca Fri 13-Nov-20 18:50:43

One ! Girl woman other.

Lucca Fri 13-Nov-20 18:56:38

Lord of the rings ?

Elegran Fri 13-Nov-20 19:00:43

Lucca Don't post the answers! Just how many you have got right.

Juno56 Fri 13-Nov-20 19:17:34

Eight, but I seem to have ground to a halt now😕. I think they are harder this year.

Elegran Fri 13-Nov-20 19:31:47

I am leaving it for now. Tomorrow my brain may be fresher.

Lucca Fri 13-Nov-20 19:35:55

Oops sorry. I’ll shut up now.

Pittcity Fri 13-Nov-20 19:42:42

I need to use the Amazon book lists as I've no idea of a lot of these.

Juno56 Sat 14-Nov-20 10:26:10

I thought of another one last night so I am up to nine but nothing else is coming to mind. I foresee many unproductive hours this weekend😟.

Bathsheba Sun 15-Nov-20 14:08:49

Mumsnet usually has a thread on this every year, with lots of clues. Might go and check it out....

Elegran Sun 15-Nov-20 14:59:56

I don't look at clues until I have been beating my head against the brick wall for a week or so. I don't like that that feeling of "OH no! I should have got that!"

Pittcity Sun 15-Nov-20 17:12:22

Ive got a few more with lateral thinking but I think some contain references to the content of the book, so you need to be well read or good at Google.

Maggiemaybe Sun 15-Nov-20 17:33:35

Oh, I love this! I found about it for the first time on here two years ago, entered and won a £10 book token. Putting my thinking cap on now....

Juno56 Tue 17-Nov-20 11:25:03

Having wasted spent hours and hours on this I am almost there. I know we are not giving answers on this thread but wondered if someone who has already got the Bennett Supplies one could tell me if I would be on the right track if I looked at Alan Bennett or Arnold Bennett titles?

Bathsheba Tue 17-Nov-20 13:05:07

Juno56 no I'm afraid not. It's a different Bennett altogether, opposite sex.

Juno56 Tue 17-Nov-20 13:55:56

Thank you Bathsheba that is very helpful👍. Off to Google female Bennett authors🙂

cavewoman Tue 17-Nov-20 15:08:58

Do we know how many hidden books are there?