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Elless Wed 18-Aug-21 10:38:03

Fame or Fortune?

Maggiemaybe Wed 18-Aug-21 10:45:40

I don’t understand why anyone would want to be famous, with all the problems that go with it.

But go on, if I really have to, I’ll try to live with the fortune. smile

Maggiemaybe Wed 18-Aug-21 10:46:40

Oops, sorry, I’ve just seen that it’s a game, not a discussion.

Tiptoes out quietly…..

henetha Wed 18-Aug-21 10:47:40

I've always said I would like to be rich but not famous. I couldn't cope with trolls or papparatzi... (not sure how to spell it).

crazyH Wed 18-Aug-21 12:06:42

Saint or Sinnet ?

Ro60 Wed 18-Aug-21 13:03:42

Health & happiness?

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 18-Aug-21 14:44:27

Prince or pauper?
Don’t fancy either …….

Cherrytree59 Wed 18-Aug-21 14:47:12

Life or death

Elless Wed 18-Aug-21 15:41:47


Life or death


Grey hair or dyed hair?

crazyH Wed 18-Aug-21 16:25:22

Stick thin or healthy plump ?

AGAA4 Wed 18-Aug-21 16:52:00

Take it or Leave it.

EkwaNimitee Wed 18-Aug-21 19:48:45

Man or woman?

May7 Wed 18-Aug-21 19:52:08

Chalk and cheese

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 18-Aug-21 21:05:22

Cake or death
(Eddie Izzard lego animation) problem was they had a bit of a run on cake…….

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 18-Aug-21 21:05:46

Stay or flee?

crazyH Wed 18-Aug-21 21:16:51

Fight or flight

henetha Thu 19-Aug-21 12:24:38

Naughty or nice?

Millie22 Thu 19-Aug-21 14:44:22

Tea or coffee?

May7 Thu 19-Aug-21 15:01:41

Daddy or chips

Elless Thu 19-Aug-21 15:03:02

Phone call or Text?

henetha Sun 22-Aug-21 12:09:06

Right or wrong

May7 Wed 25-Aug-21 15:47:42

Elvis or Cliff

Newatthis Wed 25-Aug-21 15:49:51

Rich man, poor man?

crazyH Wed 25-Aug-21 15:51:06

Beggar orvThief?

Elless Wed 25-Aug-21 15:56:56

Cream or custard