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HowVeryDareYou Sat 20-Aug-22 08:13:18

following on from the last -

Drink Looks Yellow

Humduh Sun 21-Aug-22 13:35:18

Dogs after yapping

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 13:38:43

In Neighbour's Greenhouse

eGJ Sun 21-Aug-22 14:08:50

Unlimited sugar eclairs

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 17:03:27

In ready Supply

Mine Sun 21-Aug-22 18:58:20

Papa looks young

Bellanonna Sun 21-Aug-22 19:21:51

Urgent note given

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 19:43:41

Vomited Every Night

eGJ Sun 21-Aug-22 19:44:24

Getting heavily tipsy

TillyTrotter Sun 21-Aug-22 19:45:33

Prepared summer yurt

eGJ Sun 21-Aug-22 19:56:26

Unusual royal train

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 19:57:34

Alone In Norway

crazyH Sun 21-Aug-22 20:52:29

Won’t ask ‘y’

Bellanonna Sun 21-Aug-22 21:07:10

Saw kidneywort yesterday

Crocus5 Sun 21-Aug-22 21:37:33

Delicious apricot yogurt

Mine Sun 21-Aug-22 21:41:40

Upper right tooth

Ruby41 Sun 21-Aug-22 21:41:40

ugly rubber tortoise

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 21:42:55

It's Simply Evil

Mine Sun 21-Aug-22 21:53:10

Vera is limping

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 21:56:30

Intense Nerve Pain

eGJ Sun 21-Aug-22 21:57:38

Aching intensely now

HowVeryDareYou Sun 21-Aug-22 21:59:14

No Other Wounds

biglouis Mon 22-Aug-22 00:12:22

Never dared say

Welshpurple Mon 22-Aug-22 01:28:50

some are yellow

HowVeryDareYou Mon 22-Aug-22 07:03:58

Lemon Or White

eGJ Mon 22-Aug-22 07:50:20

Intend taking exercise

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