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HowVeryDareYou Sat 20-Aug-22 08:13:18

following on from the last -

Drink Looks Yellow

biglouis Mon 10-Oct-22 21:13:01

Really Exciting Sunday

crazyH Mon 10-Oct-22 21:18:06

Daily activity, yoga.

Alypoole Mon 10-Oct-22 22:33:38

Oh goodness, apocalypse

Welshpurple Mon 10-Oct-22 23:50:08

Preparing summer event

HowVeryDareYou Tue 11-Oct-22 07:58:41

Endless new threads

Bellanonna Tue 11-Oct-22 09:27:43

A dreadful score

Lomo123 Tue 11-Oct-22 10:01:48

Over reacting element

henetha Tue 11-Oct-22 10:19:12

Expecting new television.

HowVeryDareYou Tue 11-Oct-22 10:51:25

It's ongoing now

Alypoole Tue 11-Oct-22 15:14:36

Nothing owing, whoopee!

HowVeryDareYou Tue 11-Oct-22 17:15:49

pleasant, enjoyable evening

Crocus5 Tue 11-Oct-22 18:32:38

It’s not green

biglouis Tue 11-Oct-22 18:34:28

Early Evening News

eGJ Tue 11-Oct-22 18:36:34

Encouraging wild suspicions

HowVeryDareYou Tue 11-Oct-22 19:25:48

Ogling naked swimmers

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 11-Oct-22 22:14:24

Everyone’s really suntanned

HowVeryDareYou Tue 11-Oct-22 22:42:17

No extra diners

biglouis Tue 11-Oct-22 23:38:00

Exciting Roasted Sauages

HowVeryDareYou Wed 12-Oct-22 07:59:16

greedily eating some

henetha Wed 12-Oct-22 09:56:34

Opening mail envelope

HowVeryDareYou Wed 12-Oct-22 10:54:47

Outrageous, party escapades

Crocus5 Wed 12-Oct-22 11:02:27

Dancing every Saturday

HowVeryDareYou Wed 12-Oct-22 11:25:08

Daffodils always yellow

crazyH Wed 12-Oct-22 11:39:47

Like old woman

HowVeryDareYou Wed 12-Oct-22 12:20:58

Many are nasty

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