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Ask the Person Below You a Question: Thread Four! Countdown to C********! 😃

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FannyCornforth Thu 02-Sep-21 06:33:14

Welcome to the Fourth Thread, Questioners and Answerers!

Are you feeling Autumnal?

FannyCornforth Thu 02-Sep-21 06:34:03

Oh dear! I don’t know what happened to the title blush

DanniRae Thu 02-Sep-21 07:27:20

Yes I am feeling Autumnal but hopefully we have some better weather coming to take us back to Summer for a little while smile

Describe your perfect day (fantasy or real life)

FannyCornforth Thu 02-Sep-21 07:43:43

MichaelGN has edited the title already! Wow, he’s on the ball early this morning!
Danni I’m going to have a think, that’s a damn good question. That would be a good thread.
Anyone else?

DanniRae Thu 02-Sep-21 07:51:55

Thanks Fanny! - OK I will start a 'perfect day' thread!!

New question:

Can you remember being a young child?
(I can but I think it maybe because the things I remember were often spoken about by my mum and dad)

Mollygo Thu 02-Sep-21 08:32:24

Yes- I associate childhood with plaster casts and a huge black Labrador -well he seemed huge then. It’s true about memories prompted by others talking and recently by my sister’s research into our past via mounds of photos.

Do you do anything special in September?

MerylStreep Thu 02-Sep-21 08:36:45

There is a thread on the perfect day 😉

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 02-Sep-21 09:24:11

September - well, I start to think about C-------s but these days I don't do much about it - not yet anyway.

Were you able to do the splits as a child? Could you do so now without ending up in A&E? I never could.

henetha Thu 02-Sep-21 10:29:00

Yes I could. I was very bendy when young. Couldn't do it now to save my life.

Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon?

FannyCornforth Thu 02-Sep-21 11:29:44

No, I haven’t. I don’t know whether I would absolutely love it, or be too scared to even get in it.

What’s the physically scariest thing that you’ve ever done?

biglouis Thu 02-Sep-21 14:03:02

Two robbers kicked my door in and wanted money! I spoke to them like they were children and told them in a very firm voice that I dont keep money in the house and they ran off with nothing. That was VERY scary.

So on this subject:-

Do you ever keep valuables at home? Or everything in bank/safe deposit?

henetha Fri 03-Sep-21 10:43:14

I hardly have any valuables. Those I have are in a safe.

Do you ever go 'wild swimming'? That's what they call it now;
when I was young it was just swimming in the sea.

FannyCornforth Fri 03-Sep-21 11:12:26

Good lord no!
I live as far from the sea as is possible in the UK.
I hate swimming due to a horrible childhood event too, and would almost certainly come a cropper.

What’s your favourite swear / curse word, vulgar or silly, anything?

Mollygo Fri 03-Sep-21 11:21:13

No, well certainly not in this country. I admire those children from Lavington school who are swimming the channel in a relay this week. Their open water training sounded tough.

It’s so lovely seeing children going back to school this week. So many friends have sent pics of their children/grandchildren starting school or moving on to high school.
Have you seen many new school starters around where you live?

GrannyGravy13 Fri 03-Sep-21 11:41:33

Oh yes Mollygo I live next door but one to our local primary school the new ones are very tiny (our GD starts next week)

Has anyone bought any Christmas gifts?

BBbevan Fri 03-Sep-21 11:53:20

No not yet. Won’t be long though.

Are you short or long sighted. Me? very short.

biglouis Fri 03-Sep-21 11:57:13

I am long sighted and need glasses to correct it.

Do you have a big family gathering at Christmas?

I always spend it quietly with a nephew who lives nearby. Big family gatherings stress me out.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 03-Sep-21 12:21:20

I'm not going to put my favourite swear word on here Fanny as it's far too rude.

I visit my sister after lunch on Christmas Day and usually her adult children do also so there's about 12/13 of us.

Do you go easy on what you eat on the big day as you don't want to put on any extra weight or is it to hell with the consequences?

DanniRae Sat 04-Sep-21 08:14:36

No I don't go easy but past experience has taught me if I over do it I will suffer - and definitely no Christmas cake as I don't seem able to digest it for days (shame because I love it!) hmm

Do you usually enjoy Christmas - I do but I have a friend who hates it :-(

henetha Sat 04-Sep-21 10:09:13

No, I don't like Christmas. Not sure why really, but a grey blanket lands on my head and stays there until 2nd January.

Do you ever consider moving into sheltered housing of some sort as you get older?

henetha Sat 04-Sep-21 10:11:37

Oh, does this have to be a Christmas theme? Sorry. OK.

Do you like large gatherings of family and friends at Christmas? Or do you seek solitude whenever possible?

biglouis Sat 04-Sep-21 10:23:57

I seek solitude whenever possible

Do you ever have "pigs in blankets" over the holiday?

I love them. Apparently there is going to be a shortage this year!

henetha Sat 04-Sep-21 10:28:45

Shortage of the pigs or the blankets? grin
Yes, I like them and often make them especially at Christmas.

If you are vegetarian, do you make a nut roast, or buy a meat substitute for your Christmas dinner?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 04-Sep-21 19:25:21

I have considered sheltered housing but feel that I am not ready for it yet.

I'm not officially a veggie but I eat very little meat and for Christmas dinner I often eat salmon.

Do you still meet old school friends?

Aldom Sat 04-Sep-21 19:49:22

I'm still regularly in touch with a school friend from the age of 11. My other school friend from those days sadly died 3 years ago.
Have you ever done a 50 mile walk? I did one in 1963.