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Ask the Person Below You a Question:❓ 🙋‍♀️ Fifth Thread!

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FannyCornforth Wed 15-Dec-21 13:58:56

Hello again and Merry Christmas Questioners and Answerers!🎄

Not ‘what is the best present that you have received?’, instead;

What is the best present that you have given?
Are you a good gifter?

(I’m going to have to think about it, but I do think that I’m rather good at choosing presents)

crazyH Wed 15-Dec-21 14:12:42

Sorry FC - you did not leave us high and dry. I don’t know how to delete the thread I started

To answer your question:
I try to give presents that I think they will like, but I doubt they were impressed. The only present that was really appreciated, was the Rice Cooker, I gave my daughter.

Are you hoping for a white Christmas ?

FannyCornforth Wed 15-Dec-21 14:16:21

That’s okay H! No worries!
Yes, always loving snow. Apparently, where I am (Derby) there is a fair chance🤞

Favourite carol?
Mine is Holly & the Ivy or We Three Kings

BBbevan Wed 15-Dec-21 15:38:19

Hello everyone.
Mine is In the bleak Midwinter

I love the ‘made moan’ bit
Just been a bit poorly and ate lots of jell and custard. What is/ was your childhood favourite when I’ll ?

Mollygo Wed 15-Dec-21 17:13:57

Ground rice pudding. I love the fast, the texture and how easy it is to make. I used to love bread and milk, but it doesn’t taste the same with skimmed milk.

Too good a question for just one answer. What did/do you love to eat when you’re ill?

Mollygo Wed 15-Dec-21 17:18:17

Taste not fast!

FannyCornforth Thu 16-Dec-21 05:07:06

Lentil soup (has to be Heinz) with white bread and butter, and little cubes of cheese

Let’s keep going with it! Favourite under the weather/ comfort food?

henetha Thu 16-Dec-21 10:27:25

Bread and milk. With sugar or honey. Scrumptious.
Tomato soup.

What is your favourite soup?

Dingbat1920 Thu 16-Dec-21 10:34:13

Heinz tomato

Dingbat1920 Thu 16-Dec-21 10:34:47

Do you like Christmas pudding?(I can’t stand it)

Newatthis Thu 16-Dec-21 12:29:58

I can’t stand it either. Who are you having round in Christmas Day?

grannydarkhair Thu 16-Dec-21 12:34:38

I’m not having anyone round, I’ll be going to my daughters as usual.
Which time of the year do you like the most?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:23:57

I think it's a toss up between Spring and Autumn, but on balance the former has a happier note to it because of what we hope is to come.

Have you got diaries/calendars for next year yet?

biglouis Thu 16-Dec-21 23:59:28

Ive just sent for a page a day and appointments diaries, they arrive tomorrow.

Is there a particular food or drink that you remember from your childhood that you dont see (much of) now?

I always used to have camp coffee with condensed milk in my grandmothers house. It used to have an Indian servant with a turban serving and officer on the bottle but they changed it because it was considered racist. I believe you can still buy camp coffee.

BBbevan Sat 18-Dec-21 14:29:48

I remember my Gran drinking Camp coffee.
My most memorable food though was stuffed heart. Yuck!!!
Luckily you don’t see that anymore.

Did you have birthday parties?

ginny Sat 18-Dec-21 15:22:18

Yes I did but if the jelly and ice cream type with games like, Farmers in his den and Oranges and Lemons. Sometimes , as my birthday is mid July we had a picnic.

Do you have brandy butter with Christmas pudding and / or mince pies ? Homemade or bought ?

hollysteers Sat 18-Dec-21 15:45:56

I make brandy butter for the Xmas pud, sifted icing sugar, butter and generous helpings of brandy simmered in a pan.

Say three things about yourself.
(Arty, impatient, travel lover)

grannydarkhair Sat 18-Dec-21 17:48:42

Stubborn, generous, bibliophile.

If you were an animal, other than a human, what would you be?

BBbevan Sat 18-Dec-21 19:12:26

A Bonobo ape

And you ?

hollysteers Sun 19-Dec-21 00:46:35

A horse.

Which fugly/ugly well known person do you find strangely attractive?
(Tommy Cooper)

crazyH Sun 19-Dec-21 00:59:18

I find a GSOH is the most attractive quality in a man. I absolutely loved Ronnie Corbett

If you were talking to your 18yearold granddaughter,what advice would you give, regarding qualities required when picking a future partner?

DanniRae Sun 19-Dec-21 09:36:19

Make sure you fancy them like crazy!!

Three good things about yourself?

FannyCornforth Sun 19-Dec-21 10:16:46

Generous, loving, creative

Three bad things about yourself:
Anxious, self sabotages, unsociable

Ali08 Sun 19-Dec-21 11:27:01

I'm bi-polar, stubborn, messy.

3 names you very much dislike.

hollysteers Sun 19-Dec-21 17:11:48

Jeremy Paxton, Jeremy Clarkson, Michael Parkinson.

Your pet is named after the last thing you ate?
(Ham pickle)

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