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Rhodododendron and Holly Berries?

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bagitha Thu 03-Nov-11 06:51:25

That should be 'unseasonal' and 'unseasonally'. Whoops.

bagitha Thu 03-Nov-11 06:49:43

Lucky you, having some "unseasonably warm" weather, elderflower smile. Nothing unseasonable about my garden. It just seems very autumn-like, as usual at this time of year. However, Our rhododendrons often have a second flowering, as do our azaleas and several other plants. My red campions are still flowering and that's normal too.

crimson Wed 02-Nov-11 22:32:05

Same here! I always think that, when the cyclamen start to flower, summer is over and, just as it did the rhodedendron flowered. And the forget me nots have started to grow, but they seem to shoot up all over the place and at strange times. Perhaps they're as confused as I am...Nasturtiums are still flowering away quite happily; cheerful little souls that they are.

elderflower1 Wed 02-Nov-11 15:16:19

This unseasonaly warm weather is createing some very strange bed mates. Walking around the garden today I noticed a second flowering of the rhodododendron next to the holly tree. Certainly not colour coordinated as they are not meant to bloom /berry together. (purple and red - no) I also noticed that my purple sprouting brocolli is starting to bloom - does this mean I will not have any at the end of winter when I really look forward to it?

In fact the garden is still looking very colourful, potentilla, roses and pot plants are all flowering vigorously. I know I need to start sorting the pot plants for overwintering but while everything still looks so good I am loathe to touch it.