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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Watering Exhaustion - a change is needed!

22 henetha

Overgrown neighbours garden damaging our fence

12 Chestnut

A happy thread - post what you’ve picked!

107 Shirley48

Picking tomatoes

18 25Avalon

Droopy Dahlia…

17 Shinamae

What is Your Most Favourite Plant 🪴

60 winterwhite

How much should you pay a gardener?

111 Lovetopaint037

Red Hydrangea

8 Esmay

Cherry tree trunk...can anyone help?

5 Esmay


28 Kate1949

Out of control orchid - please help!

9 Esmay

Colourful hanging baskets without petunias

14 PinkCosmos

My lilac has started flowering again!!!

12 25Avalon

Advice on a diseased plum tree.

9 Esmay

Back alley gardening in Belfast.

4 halfpint1

Mowing awns in a drought

17 Teacheranne

Here’s a puzzle

9 Esmay

RHS Bridgewater

24 GrandmasueUK

I’m going to bin my sweet peas. 🙁

19 Davida1968

Greenhouse heat horror

14 singingnutty

protecting plants from the heat

10 J52

What are these please?

26 Shinamae

Redcurrants !

5 CountessFosco

Weeds on gravel drive

26 mokryna

What’s eating my geraniums

4 SpringyChicken

Do weed pullers work

12 midgey

Just thought I’d share….,,.

46 giulia

What is wrong here?!

22 Urmstongran

Epsom Salts for Plants

9 aggie

Anyone got a bird of paradise plant

4 Chewbacca

Black Fly on Tomatoes

8 H1954

How can I tell whether my fruit trees in containers are too dry or over-watered?

19 Luckygirl3

Mock Orange.

16 Esmay

Has anyone got a really good leaf blower/vacuum they can recommend?

7 Gin

Hampton Court Flower Show

3 MiniMoon

How much does your Green Waste Collection cost?

200 Shropshirelass

Dividing perennials

5 starshine


7 J52

Recommendations for what shrub to have in pot at north-east facing door.

10 Grayling

Madame Butterfly Rose

4 Esmay

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!

12 lixy

Cystus has dry up buds

9 Luckygirl3

What can I plant where there are bluebells?

10 Esmay

Cordyline pruning

7 mokryna

What is wrong with my oregano plant?

2 J52

Sweet peas - leaves going crinkly - any ideas?

3 Esmay

Have you heard the cuckoo this year?

39 NotTooOld

Has anyone grown their own special fruit or veg ?

5 BlueBelle

Buying garden equipment (or anything mechanical)online ... lighthearted, please!

10 Kim19

Trailing downwards ...

18 Callistemon21