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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Need to reduce slug population

23 Katie59

Hazel tree in garden advice needed?

11 Fleurpepper

Peat free compost/grow bags - anyone had good results?

40 Katie59

What shoes do you garden in, advice please?

69 Lisel

Permanent plant labels

5 Azalea99


8 Beechnut

Robot lawnmower .......

5 fancythat

Big tub needs a tough plant

42 25Avalon

Last flourish?

4 ParlorGames

Small garden with no water

9 Oreo

My lawn isn't weedy, it's biodiverse

18 nanna8

What has Mother Nature bestowed upon us?!

14 Germanshepherdsmum


13 Scribbles

The best and the worst 2023

45 AskAlice

It's that 'tomato' time of year!

32 Callistemon21

Mature beautiful Choisya shrub dying

8 Esmay

Wild flower seed mix

47 Skeeter

Runner beans

9 Farmor15

I officially announce my resignation as rose gardener...

27 Katie59

Best time to buy spring bulbs?

20 henetha

Moss wall

16 NotSpaghetti

Box tree caterpillar.

11 25Avalon

Blind Cosmos

40 foxie48

How to remove sapling without damaging lavender bush

44 Callistemon21

Ideas please to help a keen gardener who is developing arthritis in her hands.

12 25Avalon

What to put in pots for the autumn

22 Fleurpepper

Answers in a postcard please 😂

13 Beechnut

What are these, please?

13 Esmay

Does anyone know the name of this grass?

15 Whitewavemark2

With thanks to all who made helpful recommendations, here’s my lovely new rose.

11 Grammaretto

Root ball size?

11 3dognight

My poor hollyhocks 😥

23 Hetty58

Pigeons trampling plants under bird feeder

19 Yoginimeisje

Dahlias in pots

14 Casdon

Dwarf, cherry trees

34 Shinamae

😨Is this plant dangerous?

15 25Avalon

Ideas please, for things my gd can sow/plant in pots during the summer holidays.

25 Jeanieallergy21

Sweet Peas

12 J52

Spring Tulips

20 Esmay

Pruning roses advice please

11 Grammaretto

How do you encourage hedgehogs in your garden.

39 Georgesgran

Just enjoying a ☕ outside

20 MrsKen33

I Can Resist Everything But Temptation ….

8 MerylStreep

Creeping thyme lawn

40 Callistemon21

Fed up with plant pots…

10 AskAlice

Recommendation - I need a hosepipe

20 jeanie99

The Secret to Stunning Petunias

27 Norah

Butterflies - where are they?

54 BigBertha1

Planting under trees.

19 MayBee70

Hosepipe Ban

12 Shinamae