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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Compost Heap

15 Farmor15

What's in your seed box?

15 PageTurner

Pot grown strawberries

8 Anja

Suggestions for winter planting, please!

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5 lemongrove

Foxglove seedlings.

23 shysal

African violets

3 tanith


28 LondonGranny

Gardener's world

13 farview

Splitting Agapanthus

6 tanith

Digger Wasps

10 Willow500

Filling the gaps

8 Hetty58

What is this please?

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14 hugshelp


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19 lemongrove

Wasps' nest in the flower bed

14 LondonGranny

Sparse lawn with Woodrush

10 Esspee

I am starting a brand new garden from scratch

105 craftyone


3 craftyone

Glorious Day, what are other Gransnetters doing in their Gardens?

28 Nannyxthree

I’ve started on the hedge. Will I lose my bingo wings?

29 Peonyrose

Harvest festival

12 MissAdventure


19 Septimia

Anyone know what this is?

11 BlueBelle

Help identifying shrub

6 Farmor15

Miniature rose

8 cornergran

another mystery plant.

41 MiniMoon

My hedge and my neighbours

14 Iam64


36 Teacheranne

*Boris Bush anyone???*

2 Namsnanny

memorial plants

7 Namsnanny

Sweet pea seeds

13 BlueBelle

Saving seed

3 Grammaretto

Roses.Is it heat stress ?

9 MamaCaz


13 Grammaretto

Dandelion lawn

8 Alexa

let you in a little secret, but don't tell him, please.

37 LullyDully

Chillies that think they are runner beans

2 crazyH

Wild foraging ?

20 Specky

Growing on supermarket herbs?

7 paddyann

Is this a triffid

10 grannyqueenie

Cosmos failure.

29 Callistemon

This summer's star plant?

79 Namsnanny

Recommendations for climbing plants, please!

11 loopyloo

Identifying this shrub

8 Peonyrose

carnation plants

4 BlueBelle

Anyone good at maths?!!

6 Doodle

putting a rose bush in the garden

4 travelsafar

What is this?

29 Seiko70