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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Wild foraging ?

15 MaizieD


18 Namsnanny

This summer's star plant?

78 Purpledaffodil

carnation plants

4 BlueBelle

Anyone good at maths?!!

6 Doodle

Recommendations for climbing plants, please!

8 BlueBelle

I am starting a brand new garden from scratch

95 craftyone

putting a rose bush in the garden

4 travelsafar

another mystery plant.

33 MaizieD

What is this?

29 Seiko70

Growing Carrots

4 MissAdventure

yet anothrer mystery plant!

7 LadyGracie

Pear Tree

4 BBbevan

Wasps' nest in the flower bed

13 Hetty58

getting old!!!

5 srn63


8 craftyone

*Boris Bush anyone???*

1 Namsnanny

Identifying this shrub

7 BlueBelle


3 jura2

Ornamental grass

4 Luckygirl


11 BlueBelle


30 EllanVannin

Too many cucumbers!

27 M0nica

Can anyone tell me what this flower is (rubbish description - sorry!)

18 NotSpaghetti

Beans not thriving

29 Liz46

Garden lacking colour-what to plant for autumn?

35 justwokeup

House move! Plant move tips please?

4 PoohCorner


22 Rachel123

Ideas how to make. Tropical Caribbean Style Garden

36 NanTheWiser

What do you think

14 Namsnanny


44 jura2

First runner beans

6 Liaise

My marigolds are getting eaten??

12 henetha

Acorn squash

2 CanadianGran

Asparagus peas

3 dahlia


38 Auntieflo

Can you identify this yellow wild flower?

6 BlueBelle

Clay soil gardening

15 midgey

Hedging ideas,please.

21 Almaida

Anyone know a common name for this?

5 BradfordLass72

Gorgeous day, Summer has arrived at last...

3 etheltbags1

What's Happened to the Beechgrove Garden Programme?

22 aggie

Garden fairy lights - on trend or naff?

86 TerriBull

Geranium leaf problem - help needed please

9 Liaise

Does anyone know what this is?

46 Fennel

Female gardener

20 dahlia

Book for beginners - recommendations

4 dahlia


38 justanovice

planting out supermarket herb pots.

16 Missfoodlove

Exploding hose pipes !

7 Thingmajig