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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Hydrangea lost colour anybody know why?

5 Hetty58

Preserving what we produce

56 BBbevan

Can anyone help identify this plant

6 spottysocks

Need someone to help identify a plant please

16 arosebyanyothername

I'm almost in tears

23 Witzend

My sunflowers! 😁

15 ElaineI

Strawberry runners - have I gone too soon with them?

3 Callistemon


10 tinaf1

Why does my tomato plant drop flowers?

4 Genevieve489

Tomato plants aka Triffids!

41 Toni34

Passionflower; should I cull it?

11 MayBee70

Sweetpeas, finally.

8 Esspee

Changing hydrangea colour

23 Magrithea


27 Callistemon

Help with this plant,please

10 EllanVannin

Filling my borders

9 LadyGracie

Another identification question

15 Chewbacca

Suggestions for shrub or small tree needed

10 tanith

Problem with Clematis Montana

21 Sparkling

Can any of you gardeners help?

10 Lexisgranny

Lovage...celery substitute?

6 Carillion01

Harvesting courgette flowers - help

5 Carillion01


13 craftyone

Cordless saw

2 Patsy70

My roses have peculiar centres

7 narrowboatnan

Yukka tree

4 BlueBelle

Courgettes and a warning

52 Callistemon

Ivy topiary

9 BlueBelle

Tall cactus

4 NanTheWiser

Will this work? (No dig method)

23 phoenix

Annuals as cut flowers, and update on gardening jobs!

343 Namsnanny

They're really big, but.......

13 phoenix

Is your garden looking especially good this year??

16 jeanie99

Recommendation for soil testing kit

1 jeanie99

Can anyone identify this plant.

33 Rufus2

Gransnet Open Gardens

116 Blinko


16 Fennel

Leaf blowers

13 Fennel

Hardly any apples on the tree this year.🙁

14 Greyduster

One tree, five trees, 20 trees?

19 Callistemon

A little help please

7 MiniMoon

Direct composting to improve soil in a problem area

62 Fennel

Keeping your water butt sweet!

9 NotSpaghetti

No bees, no beans.

27 NotSpaghetti


53 Peardrop50

What is this???

7 BlueBelle

Suggestions Please

15 shysal

"VegTrugs" , other brands are available.

20 craftyone

I LOVE the rain!!!!!!!!

38 bikergran

Ideas for north facing patio.

8 J52