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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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My plums are smaller this year

34 Jaxjacky

When to harvest Cavello Nero

6 Redhead56

Shrub help

10 Juicywords

Advice on mange tout needed

7 MawBe

This year the garden has really taken a bashing

15 Casdon

Invasive Tree of Heaven.Anyone else experienced this ?

12 MissAdventure


4 shysal

Gooseberries colour

16 25Avalon

Weed removal….organically ?

71 Shinamae

Evening Primroses

11 Savvy

Slugs - prevention of

8 Ealdemodor

Allotments/ fruit and veg plots - how are yours faring?

34 threexnanny

No mow may

11 Ethelwashere1

Anyone got a robotic lawnmower?

10 Luckygirl

Hampton Court Festival Gardens

32 Kali2

Strawberries, or not, as it happens!

16 Chewbacca

Me again! What is this?

12 Shelflife

blackfly on my dhalias

6 Welshwife

Fancy designing my new garden?

41 DillytheGardener

What is this shrub?

6 Whitewavemark2


46 Kamiso

Hedge wars

21 Nannagarra

Advice Needed Urgently Please! 🌺🌸🏵️

17 Gabrielle56

Plant or weed?

11 ElderlyPerson

Gardener's World

28 Fennel

Chelsea chopped!

25 Kim19

Garden structure software?

6 Mollygo

Cucumber Problem. 🥒🥒🥒

9 lemongrove

Rose bush - can I cut back now? Flower balling

6 Fennel

Pot garden

49 vampirequeen

Ants in my compost bin !

16 Callistemon

Water Features

6 Daisymae

Just a quickie

12 Shinamae

Treating mildewed gooseberries

3 Farmor15

Philadelphus looking wonderful but........

16 Callistemon

How to stop Squirrels getting the bird's nuts

11 love0c

The joy of hedgehogs.

28 Artaylar

This was bought as a hollyhock.

77 greenlady102


19 Dinahmo

Any recommendations for keeping the birds off my strawberries

23 HurdyGurdy

Advice on sad Margareta type plants please.

4 mumski

RHS Bridgewater

3 BigBertha1


20 Lin52

What can we do with this?

18 NotSpaghetti

Can anyone identify this please?

19 JulieNoted

I m so looking forward to tea tonight

10 Peasblossom

Amelanchier lamarckii aka Juneberry tree

3 NotSpaghetti

Buttercups! Any more lovers of them?

12 Callistemon

Does anyone know what this plant is?

18 MaizieD

My delphiniums this year

10 Callistemon