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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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best weed killer 2020

1 mickymouse31

Annuals as cut flowers, and update on gardening jobs!

81 Whitewavemark2

My indoor garden

9 Anniebach

Garden Museum London online exhibition

5 Ellianne

sowing seed, transplanting

44 Callistemon

What's this shrub - please?

62 philomel

Using compost bin as a heat pad for seeds

4 J52

Hope i haven't planted seeeds too early.

2 J52

Budget small garden pond

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12 shysal

Peace Lilies

6 Fennel


52 katie1

Thompson Morgan code summer hanging basket plugs

1 Cherrytree59

A bit of cheer

8 Maybelater2020


22 Sim209 done it!! I'vedone it!!!

15 BlueSapphire

worms and my hotbin

10 craftyone

Suggestions for outside summer pot plants which need minimal deadheading and watering !

19 Eglantine21

Wild Flowers

35 Fennel

Leylandi (Grrrr!!!)

17 Grandma2213

Last Year's Fuschias.

8 Greyduster

perlite and vermiculite

11 craftyone

Tuber or Weed

10 spottysocks

Is it OK for me to raise the soil level without removing shrubs

13 Callistemon

40 cm of snow in 2 days - after warm Spring for a few days ...

3 Witzend

Unidentified Shrub

9 Greyduster

How do I stop a tree stump sprouting, without using chemicals

20 NotSpaghetti


17 Fennel

Artificial Grass, Yay Or Nay.

53 Artdecogran

poorly camellia

33 Sim209

I am starting a brand new garden from scratch

118 craftyone

Luffa or loofah growing

10 craftyone

Jasmine Officinalis

11 Callistemon

Brown patches on outside petals of ( cut) roses

4 curvygran950

Privacy hedging

9 NanTheWiser

Coloured paints for fencing and sheds

24 tanith


3 craftyone

Japanese knotweed

9 TrendyNannie6

Splitting Agapanthus

12 Doodle

Tomato plants in supermarkets?


seed potatoes

10 craftyone


43 Alexa

Saving seed

12 Greyduster

Tall plants for the back of borders

25 DiaryWriter

First signs

18 Tangerine

Starved of gardening talk

107 craftyone

electric propagator recommendations

8 NanTheWiser

Plants for large balcony at seaside

11 Franbern

Indoor Garden

8 Anniebach

Another plea for help

11 SpringyChicken