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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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Plant ID please.

10 Lisagran

Allotment pack from February

1 Grammaretto

renaissance roses. Any good?

17 KatyK

Gardening is so satisfying

127 PageTurner

Tree has split

6 Nandalot


22 jura2

Hedging ideas,please.

15 Davida1968

philodendron compost

3 craftyone

Plant ID please

8 Cherrytree59

Plant identification please.


Plant identification please.

10 MiniMoon

Black fly on Fatsia plant

5 craftyone

Does anyone water their Lawn

34 whywhywhy


34 jura2

Controlling Leggy Kalanchoe

11 NanTheWiser


29 farview

Hardy shrubs

14 Squiffy

I am starting a brand new garden from scratch

46 craftyone

Open Days

5 kittylester

bedding plants ,slugs

33 jeanie99

What is wrong with my cherry tree?

9 Callistemon


13 gillybob

Gorgeous day, Summer has arrived at last...

1 jura2

Hostas slugs/snails

48 sparkly1000

runner bean issues

5 Greyduster


10 Grammaretto

Bargains at Morrisons

14 arthursfam


16 Lisagran


30 katie1

Squirrels eating my roses

10 M0nica

Ideas for filling gaps

5 loopyloo

Any idea what plant this is?

10 Waterloosunset


25 Liaise

I think I have made a big BOO BOO

29 jeanie99

Invasive Lilly of the Valley

43 BlueBelle

Our weed of a lawn

19 Auntieflo

Salvia and slugs

3 jeanie99

Grow bags

18 EllanVannin

Advice about roses, please.

18 David0205

Hedges, trees and ponds.

3 farview

Pond removed now what?

18 Whitewavemark2

What am I growing?

9 Squiffy

Does anyone know what this is?

43 shandi6570


6 shysal

Allotment advice/recommendatio n

11 SarahGransnet

frost damaged hydrangea

21 Nandalot

Climbers in Pots ?

15 Mapleleaf

Garden Spikes

9 annodomini

Wondering what colour to paint fence?

25 Grany

Leylandii hedge.

33 fiorentina51