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If you've got a small garden, are looking for allotment ideas, need advice on making your garden cat-proof or are simply looking to identify a new plant, then this is the forum for you.
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garden? what garden ?

7 Whitewavemark2

Planting trees

30 Fennel

Lovely surprise

57 Urmstongran

First Hellebore out 🙂

12 Parsley3

Advice needed re Wild Rose hedging

10 FlexibleFriend

Japanese knotweed or what?

20 SpringyChicken

winter ready in the garden

14 biba70

Hardy Fern for Damp Shade

6 Shrub

New hedge

10 Hetty58

Evergreen climbers,again 😕

28 Callistemon

Is it supposed to look like this 😕

6 J52

"Bursting with Joy"

10 grandMattie


8 Whiff

Does anyone know what this is?

14 Callistemon

How to plant my memorial rose

9 Callistemon

My Viburnum ( Titus) isn't well.

13 Davidhs

Senecio going green

6 overthehill

invasive plant roots.

26 craftyone

Artificial light for seedlings

6 Davidhs


29 Jaxjacky

This week's Gardener's World

3 merlotgran

Soap in planting hole.

4 BlueBelle

preparing a small area for covering with bark chips etc

12 Esspee

Has anyone used the ^layering^ method with bulbs in pots?

42 Greyduster

Trailing and Climbing

6 shysal

It's going the wrong way 😕

16 lemongrove

Why do I KEEP doing this 😕?

13 phoenix

Will they come true to colour?

4 Trisha57

Plastic bins:-(

5 Fuchsiarose

Branch Loppers

11 Hetty58

rain - at last

3 Witzend

Weed killer for artificial lawn!

27 Revalescent

The Fence!

45 Alexa

Violas being eaten

18 Callistemon

Red robins

2 EllanVannin

Erm, perhaps a bit on the rampant side?😕

50 downtoearth

Fancy designing my new garden?

36 Luckygirl

I am not gardening next year! 🤦🏼‍♀️

33 Bluebellwould

Garden is overrun with ants, is it because I don't dig?

9 MrsRochester

Advice please on whether to use turf or seed for a new lawn?

8 Grammaretto

Anyone know what this is please?

17 Whitewavemark2

Small coloured plant pots

5 NannyC1

Holes in lawn

39 Stoker48

winter pansies

3 J52


18 travelsafar

Patio fruit trees

12 NannyC1

Advice 're an evergreen climber, please!

12 phoenix

Plant and berry ID please

15 Cherrytree59

Things I have learnt about gardening this year.

149 mary51

Sunflowers have self-seeded. Will they last the winter?

4 lucyanne