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Joys of Autumn

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bagitha Sat 25-Feb-12 19:10:44

Daft time to start an autumn thread, I know, but I've just been sorting some photos and you can see the fungi that grow in my garden if you like at:


All except the bracket fungus which is up the hill a bit (a few metres to the SW) over the burn and the fly agaric which is along the burn a bit near where the cow fell into the ravine (a few metres to the NW), grow in the garden.

jeni Sat 25-Feb-12 19:22:40

Blimey bags! Keep away from fly agaric nasty stuff! DO NOT feed to oh!

Jacey Sat 25-Feb-12 19:23:15

Thank you for sharing ...they're gorgeous. I really like the colours at that time of the year ...but didn't recognise the blue bracket type ones on the fifth row??

Oh and just loved the quilts in the photostream ...but the 'balls' were wonderful too ...have I missed you posting about those, as dates were for November 2011. Would like to know how they were created please? [grovel] emocion

bagitha Sat 25-Feb-12 19:46:00

I don't know most of their names, jacey. Finding out is something I need to do. Very happy for other GN-ers to educate me. Anyone who has a flickr account can comment, I think.

We don't eat any of them, jeni. Well, DH ate one of the boletes but then we saw the roe deer eating them (they come looking for them) so we leave them now.

The temari balls are each made of a rolled up woollen sock (though you can use other rags or polystyrene balls; the Japanese traditionally used a wee bag filled with rice husks), which are then wrapped with a thickish layer of knitting yarn, then a layer of sewing yarn. Then you divide the ball up into sections with a marker thread and use the marker threads to guide your stitches. I think of it as two-dimensional geometry on a sphere (!). It appeals to my kind of brain.

Jacey Sat 25-Feb-12 20:07:44

thanks bagitha