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jeanie99 Wed 13-Aug-14 11:43:24

I have a very attractive grass not sure of the name but it stands proudly with thick leaves like Coralines with feather sprays.
The problem is it is so so invasive and I yearly have to split it by half or it will take over one area of my garden, it grows into other plants.
I tried growing some in a small pot this year and it came thru but wasn't as beautiful as the one in the garden.
I was thinking if I bought a very large pot and sunk it in the bed might this work.
What do other members do with invasive plants they want to keep.

ffinnochio Wed 13-Aug-14 11:48:46

Yes, good idea. Keep it fed in the growing season.

jeanie99 Wed 13-Aug-14 11:55:34

Do you think I should wait until next year or do this before I go away.

ffinnochio Wed 13-Aug-14 12:27:52

I think before you go away would be a good idea. That'll give it time to settle and quieten down before it's growth next year. smile

janerowena Wed 13-Aug-14 13:09:47

I had an old chest freezer at one house. I took the lid off and painted it with hammerite, put it in a corner of the patio and filled it with grasses and a clematis at the back. It worked very well.

A miscanthus, perhaps? Biggish plumes? I have a couple that need digging out, halving and replanting. The bases are so tough that you have to use a saw to get through the roots.

janerowena Wed 13-Aug-14 13:11:05

Oh no! I think I know the one you mean. Is it evergreen? With long seedheads? That can grow pretty quickly. It's very useful in areas that need greenery in the winter, but no good in a small garden.