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Cocoa Bark/Mulch

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cascats Wed 15-Feb-17 00:10:47

Does anyone know where I can buy Cocoa Shell or Mulch from?
We used it on our heavy clay soil for years, along with other things, and it worked a treat, but for the past couple of years cannot find it anywhere confused
I am aware it can be poisonous to dogs as it contains theobromine. However our garden is well fenced and securely gated.
We did buy some loose from a site called Tommy Topsoil some years ago but spent hours taking out bits of twine, gravel, unidentifiable plastic bits! chicken feathers! etc, so are unwilling to repeat the process.grin
Maybe should add we live in Fife, Scotland.
Hope someone can advise as really dislike the bark stuff we have been using and it gets in the cats paws ( ours and all the neighbors! )