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Does anyone know what this tree is please?

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Lona Sat 17-Jun-17 15:28:49

It seems to have plum like fruit on it at the moment.

Have I answered my own question? grin

whitewave Sat 17-Jun-17 15:30:57

Not sure it's a plum, have you a close up. Of a leaf?

Lona Sat 17-Jun-17 15:53:50

No I haven't but having looked at different varieties, there are a few pictures of trees with shiny fruits. Plums usually have a 'bloom' don't they, which is what confused me.

whitewave Sat 17-Jun-17 15:59:56

Well could it be a damson? If the fruit is relatively small I suppose it could be that. It's too early to taste though

durhamjen Sat 17-Jun-17 16:08:35

Bit early for plums or damsons, isn't it?

whitewave Sat 17-Jun-17 16:20:47

Yes I'm clueless really - but there would be tiny fruit wouldn't there?

durhamjen Sat 17-Jun-17 16:27:53

Whatever it is, I bet it's purpurea, because of the leaves.

durhamjen Sat 17-Jun-17 16:29:20

What colour were the flowers?

PoshGran Sat 17-Jun-17 17:10:25

Perhaps it's a cherry (Prunus) - I think there's a Burgundy (red leaved) variety. hmm

Lona Sat 17-Jun-17 17:15:47

I think the blossom was pink ( not really paying attention then). If you expand the first picture you can see the shiny fruit quite clearly but they are single and about the size of a small plum.

shysal Sat 17-Jun-17 17:33:37

Could it be a Rudolph crab apple? Can't quite see the fruits on the pics.

Lona Sat 17-Jun-17 17:36:36

No, it says the crab apples appear in autumn, but thanks anyway.

Thanks all of you for suggestions ☺

PoshGran Sat 17-Jun-17 17:36:58

Hi Lona, I'm struggling with my doorstop RHS A to Z here, it's circa 1996 so may not have more modern varieties.

I was thinking Prunus Royal Burgundy cherry before, but don't really know. You can get large oval-ish cherries, but plum size fruit will probably mean - it's a plum!

dj is right , there's definitely purpurea there colourwise, are there any spines (?)(thinking ornamental sloe) & there is a Prunus spinosa Purpurea variety.

What you need is an "I've got one of those!" rather than me waffling, nevermind - back to my doorstop....

durhamjen Sat 17-Jun-17 17:38:13

That says the fruits emerge in the Autumn.
I thought it looked like that, too.

PoshGran Sat 17-Jun-17 17:38:55

Cross posts..... off to the Malus section in A to Z!