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BlueBelle Mon 30-Oct-17 10:28:07

I have a lot of nerines now finishing flowering I d like to split them and give some bulbs to my friend anyone know what time of year it’s best to lift and split for transplanting should I do it now they ve finished their show ?

nanasam Mon 30-Oct-17 10:54:52

According to the RHS, clumps should be lifted and divided in early summer. I read somewhere else that they hate being moved or disturbed and prefer to be congested. Take your pick (so to speak)! flowers

J52 Mon 30-Oct-17 11:46:25

I don’t seem to be able to grow them, I’ve tries in several spots.
I was so jealous, when yesterday driving through Norfolk I saw a front garden packed full of them!

BlueBelle Mon 30-Oct-17 11:47:55

My gardens packed with them they are beautiful

J52 Mon 30-Oct-17 11:52:07

I agree they are beautiful. My only consultation is that my huge Cosmos are still flowering.

BlueBelle Mon 30-Oct-17 12:00:41

I have a smallish chocolate one still flowering and a yellow one much bigger still bursting with blooms

loopyloo Tue 07-Nov-17 09:11:43

I have wanted nerines for years. Perhaps I will treat myself to them and try again.

merlotgran Tue 07-Nov-17 09:28:36

My Sis-IL gave me some Nerines from a congested clump just over a year ago. They flowered just after replanting and have flowered again this year but it looks like they are going to be slow to establish.

They like to be planted close to the surface and seem to enjoy being crowded.

lemongrove Tue 07-Nov-17 09:38:19

We have a crowded clump of them too, pink, didn’t realise that they come in other colours.
We just leave them be usually, but last year DH did decide to dig a few out and replant them somewhere else, and they have done well.

Nelliemoser Tue 07-Nov-17 09:54:38

Mine have been lovely this year, for the first time, as I have planted them at ther correct depth.
Do not plant them too deep they should have their "necks" out of the soil. They need to get the bulbs in sun.
They do like being crowded .

Do not let them get too wet in winter keep them in dry shelter. Many plants can be overwintered in shelter as long as they are kept fairly dry.

Do not feed with a very high nitrogen food such as Miracle Grow too much nitrogen weakens the foliage.
Remember they are originally South African plants.

lemongrove Tue 07-Nov-17 09:57:41

....and they grow like weeds at the side of the roads there!
We don’t feed them at all.