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Garden birds’ characteristics

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123gran Thu 28-Jun-18 09:32:27

What nationality would you assign to your garden birds?! At the moment there’s a huge pigeon ‘ruling the roost’ on top of my garden fence - surely got to be American!!

hildajenniJ Thu 28-Jun-18 09:37:25

There's a wood pigeon that sits on my roof every morning. It coos away, and I am sure it is saying "I looove you", it must be French. 😃

henetha Thu 28-Jun-18 10:31:14

A little gang of goldfinches were in my garden yesterday.
Obviously Mexican I think, with their colourful outfits.
Every day my garden feeders get leapt on by big black rooks, - they are definitely the Mafia.

J52 Thu 28-Jun-18 12:10:02

My blackbirds are very attentive to the chicks in the nest. Constantly feeding them. Very family oriented, with all due respect I think they’re Italian.

nanasam Thu 28-Jun-18 12:29:46

Mine are Cockney Sparrers. Love them.

sparkly1000 Thu 28-Jun-18 14:20:06

I have a very bold rook, he visits the bird bath at least a dozen times a day followed by spending hours of preening and arranging his plumage. I think he's an
Italian stud.

123gran Thu 28-Jun-18 17:26:00

There’s a very busy little ‘flappy’ bird (linnet??) nesting in the Virginia creeper. Don’t know which nationality she is but she reminds me of Mavis from Coronation Street!

Fennel Thu 28-Jun-18 17:51:12

When we were staying in son's flat in Bedfordshire we had a good view of the wildlife below. It was the magpies who ruled the roost. They attacked squirrels, cats, as well as eachother and harmless other birds. The only one they backed down to was a lone woodpecker .
The rooks prudently stayed out of the way ( though often squabbling loudly among themselves.)
What nation could they be ? Dare I say American again?

kittylester Thu 28-Jun-18 20:44:07

The collective nounfor goldfinches is a 'chatm' so they must be Italian! blush

kittylester Thu 28-Jun-18 20:51:58

Bloody phone 'charm' of goldfinches!