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Pollen beetles plague

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anona Thu 05-Jul-18 13:31:01

Thanks Shysal

shysal Thu 05-Jul-18 09:12:32

It seems they are not harmful to garden plants, so your orange tree should be fine, anona.

OldMeg Wed 04-Jul-18 22:43:52

Never heard of, or seen, any of these.

Mapleleaf Wed 04-Jul-18 22:01:23

Apparently there’s a bit of a plague of them in some areas due to this hot, dry weather. My washing was covered in them the other day and today my yellow lilies are covered. (They are particularly attracted to yellow and orange - the poor delivery man had them all over his bright yellow waist coat the other day).

Greyduster Wed 04-Jul-18 16:39:57

I have noticed one or two of these come in off the clothes line with the laundry, but this morning the flowers on my hollyhocks are full of them. I had no idea what they were. Thank you!

anona Wed 04-Jul-18 16:02:02

I haven't seen any jump yet Fennel but they can fly. They are already in or attracted to cut flowers - in particular sweet pea flowers. I'm only worried they will damage my orange tree. I planted the pip just over 40 years ago when I was expecting my son. It first flowered when he was 21 so this plant is very special.

muffinthemoo Wed 04-Jul-18 15:53:19

Is that what they are?! Keep finding them about the house, assumed they had got in through a window. They seemed harmless so I have been ignoring them?

Fennel Wed 04-Jul-18 15:16:30

Are these the ones that can jump?
We lived next to a field with rape and had some of them in the house. I thought they were fleas at first. They go after crucifer plants.
But yours sound different.

anona Wed 04-Jul-18 14:58:01

We have a plague of rape seed (pollen) beetles in our area. Have read conflicting views as to if they are harmful to garden plants. Our little plot is gardened for wild life so greenfly etc are expected and only treated with soapy water if they become a real problem. Can anyone tell me if I need to wash off the pesky rape beetles from my orange tree flowers.