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marshmarigold132 Tue 18-Sep-18 13:08:09

Any ideas what this could be please? Difficult to get out of brick paving on driveway and keeps coming back.

oldgoat Tue 18-Sep-18 13:15:10

Looks a bit like a liverwort to me.

MiniMoon Tue 18-Sep-18 13:18:03

It looks like moss to me. You can buy moss killer in any garden centre. My DH used to use a pressure washer when we were in our last house. The drive was on a slope, so it all washed away from the house.

midgey Tue 18-Sep-18 13:20:58

If, on very close inspection, it looks a bit like a green cornflake Pippa Greenwood says it’s liverwort!

marshmarigold132 Tue 18-Sep-18 14:12:32

Think you’re right about liverwort. Worst place is by front door where the sun very rarely reaches. Thanks for that, nothing to worry too much about. Now to get rid of it!

MiniMoon Tue 18-Sep-18 14:55:30

DH says to apply a solution of jeyes fluid path and patio cleaner. Here's the link to the RHS advice page.

marshmarigold132 Wed 19-Sep-18 08:58:01

Thanks lots of help on link

Luckygirl Wed 19-Sep-18 09:00:53

Table salt - I have got all the weeds and similar out of my big gravel driveway and paved patio for about £3 in total. Boiling water also works. No need for the dreaded round-up!.

polyester57 Wed 19-Sep-18 09:15:11

I take mine out by hand, it´s backbreaking work but I see lots of life there, worms, beetles, the lot. Any of the suggested remedies, salt, jeyes, round-up, is sure to kill them. All creatures great and small and all that. Am thankful to have them in my small inner city patio.

Grammaretto Fri 21-Sep-18 14:57:54

Thanks Luckygirl and polyester I was hoping someone would come up with an alternative to round-up.

I can't believe our local council are still using it. My only hope is that with council cuts they may not be able to afford it any more. Faint hope.

shysal Fri 21-Sep-18 18:17:31

These days one can buy a weed burner, either electric or gas canister powered, which are safer that the old flame thrower which Bob Flowerdew used to recommend on GQT until he burnt his hedge down! There is a wide range of prices, a cheap version being available at Lidl from time to time. Googling brings them all up.

JudithDaniels Fri 30-Aug-19 09:04:21

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Grammaretto Fri 30-Aug-19 15:47:03

How do you apply the table salt? My drive on return from holidays is looking very tatty. And since we cut back the yew hedge, sunlight is reaching it and the grass and weeds are growing up fast.