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Could someone please tell me what these are?

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Luckygirl Mon 01-Oct-18 16:47:55

Just that please! They were gifts but have flowered for months on end and are still going strong.I would like to plant some for next year.

Luckygirl Mon 01-Oct-18 16:48:45

I am assuming they are the same plant in different colours, but that might be wrong!

Nonnie Mon 01-Oct-18 16:58:36

Pink flowers! Sorry, my gardening consists of hacking things back and seeing what happens.

folly22 Mon 01-Oct-18 16:59:25

This is my first post on Gransnet so don’t want to get off on the wrong foot, but they look like petunias. I grow them every year and they flower for several months and come in different colours. They look very pretty in your photo.

Hilltopgran Mon 01-Oct-18 17:00:46

They are pretty. They look like a member of the Petunia family, but difficult to tell from photos which exact variety!

PECS Mon 01-Oct-18 17:02:27

Is it a shrub? They look like a kind of rock rose..but not quite!

J52 Mon 01-Oct-18 17:07:24

I think they’re a type of Petunia known as a Million Bells.
I have something similar bought from Homebase as a hanging basket in June. (Cheap as it was on its last legs) it’s still flowering and probably will until the first frost.

kathsue Mon 01-Oct-18 17:09:39

I think they are a kind of petunia called Surfinia. They are more bushy and have lots of smaller flowers than ordinary petunias.

jusnoneed Mon 01-Oct-18 17:12:19

I agree with J52, Million bells petunias. The flowers are slightly smaller than the standard petunias.

POGS Mon 01-Oct-18 17:46:27

Calibrachoa or Million Bells .

They are excellent container and hanging basket plants with a large range of colours.

If your lucky sometimes they will self set the following year. If you find a new shoot they can be lifted and put into a pot with compost to establish for placing where you choose.

Plug plants can be quite successful too.

Luckygirl Mon 01-Oct-18 17:59:46

Ah - thank you all. I had dismissed the idea of them being petunia as they are quite small. I have them in purple, red and pink - they are beautiful and very long-flowering.

I must get some next year! I will try and remember what they are!!

Luckygirl Mon 01-Oct-18 18:06:43

I've looked up propagation of these and it tells you how to take cuttings - but it does not say when- or where they should be put. Any thoughts? Do I do it now and keep them in over winter?

Barberdice Mon 01-Oct-18 18:18:33

As Kathsue said they are surfinias. I love them. Always have them in my hanging baskets.

POGS Mon 01-Oct-18 20:06:59

Being a tad padantic I know blush

Calibrachoa is not a petunia or surfina so you could buy the wrong thing.

lemongrove Mon 01-Oct-18 20:44:16

They are surfinias or petunias.
Buy them each year Lucky they are quite cheap to buy, annuals for bedding and baskets.

lemongrove Mon 01-Oct-18 20:46:00

Hard to tell from the pics how small the flowers are, but if very small then yes, Calibrachias ( Million bells.)

Wheniwasyourage Mon 01-Oct-18 22:49:39

Sorry, but I don't think that they are the same plant. I think the first photo (pink flowers) is of a helianthemum (rock rose) and the second (purple) is of a petunia or surfinia.

PECS Mon 01-Oct-18 23:23:23

I was confused by the leaves.. they looked different...

POGS Tue 02-Oct-18 08:32:37

Out of interest.

I bought a ' tri' colour plant this year and it was lovely.

A normal plant was around 85p from our local nursery for garden ready size and the ' tri' colour was £2.50 but it has lasted from end of May and still going strong , like most of the other other Calibrachoa that's why they are a good pot/container plant too.

Greyduster Tue 02-Oct-18 08:44:42

It’s definitely not rock rose. I agree they are more likely petunias; million bells, and the other is surfinia.