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Plant identification please.

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gmelon Sun 09-Jun-19 15:00:47

This plant is beautiful. Do any of you keen gardeners know what it is?
The plant was absolutely full of bees and so pretty.
Thank you .

Wheniwasyourage Sun 09-Jun-19 15:07:18

Could it be a hebe?

Gilly1952 Sun 09-Jun-19 15:11:14

Looks very much like a Hebe to me! There are many different types of Hebe and also several colours. Yours looks like the smaller leaves, lower growing type. Great plants!

EllanVannin Sun 09-Jun-19 15:14:12

It is a Hebe of sorts, there are all kinds of varieties of Hebes.

FlexibleFriend Sun 09-Jun-19 16:09:37

Looks like a Hebe to me too.

Squiffy Sun 09-Jun-19 16:11:28

Another one here thinks it’s hebe, too. Lovely and so easy to care for.

Farmor15 Sun 09-Jun-19 16:25:16

I called it Veronica, but looking it up, it is a type of hebe - shrubby veronica.
As a child, I used to love playing with the leaf buds - if you squeezed them gently, they would open, with a smaller one inside and so on.

Luckygirl Sun 09-Jun-19 16:40:40

I have just bought a hebe - I am delighted to hear that they are easy to care for.

phoenix Sun 09-Jun-19 16:43:27

Yes, another one that thinks it's a hebe.

MiniMoon Sun 09-Jun-19 18:04:02

Google lens says it's a hebe. If you have a smart phone with Google assistant, it will tell you what plants and animals are
I've just discovered this, and I'm having great fun with it.