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Help identifying shrub

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Farmor15 Mon 09-Sep-19 18:03:04

People here are great at plant identification so maybe someone can help me with this one. It came from my mother's garden but I never knew the name. It grows fast and seeds itself easily - probably a bit of a pest! It has hollow stems and grows to about 6 feet or so. Now a friend I gave it to wants to know what it is.

merlotgran Mon 09-Sep-19 18:04:56

It's Lycesteria formosa. A friend gave me a cutting but our soil is to alkaline and it only lasted a couple of years.

Farmor15 Mon 09-Sep-19 18:13:35

Thanks merlot - that's definitely it. I think it grows better from seedlings - I keep finding them all over the garden. I suspect it's not long living though, usually that type that grow fast, die young!
Now I know the name, I've googled it and found it's also known as Pheasant bush, Himalayan honeysuckle and Granny's curls. Seems to be good for bees and wildlife so I'll let it proliferate as we have plenty of space.

J52 Mon 09-Sep-19 18:38:04

I cut mine down in the spring, they grow back in a bushy form and it stops them getting too large and woody.

Washerwoman Tue 10-Sep-19 07:29:05

I was given two by my SIL as hers throws out seedlings that she then discards or pots up if someone wants one.She calls it Pheasant berry.Hers is huge and stunning -she has the space for it.And the bees adore it.And birds love the berries.
She advised me to chop it right down in spring to keep it manageable .I hope it thrives,the drupes on it are really pretty.I've given the other one to my DD who is starting her garden from scratch and on a budget.

Farmor15 Tue 10-Sep-19 10:53:50

Thanks for advice - I do cut mine back but they keep growing! If anyone wants seedlings, let me know, though I probably don't live near any of you shamrock