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Namsnanny Wed 13-Nov-19 01:31:43

I took some Verbena cuttings and some easy lime green nettles.
They're getting on ok but a bit sappy and lanky, so I keep taking the tips out.
I'd like to plant them outside, but do you think they will cope with the cold wet weather to come?
I could put a cloche (in the form of cut down lemonade bottles) over them, but I don't want to encourage the slugs and snails to snuggle up inside and chew the plants to b*****y!!

Grammaretto Wed 13-Nov-19 06:24:22

Have you a sheltered corner in your garden? I stick a number of cuttings in pots about September and forget about them. Some survive! It's always exciting in the spring when the snow has melted to see new shoots.

Beechnut Wed 13-Nov-19 06:55:21

I’ve got my Verbena in a pot and I always put it in the greenhouse for the winter.

Namsnanny Fri 15-Nov-19 02:33:24

Thanks Grammaretto and Beechnut ….I think I might try your suggestion but use the conservatory.
I was going to keep it clear for Christmas but I dare say a few cuttings wont litter the place up much smile

I'll separate the cuttings out into individual pots, then tuck them away in a corner somewhere.

Thank you for your help. flowers