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WANTED flower support table

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infoman Sun 31-May-20 18:35:30

Sorry for poor description of what I am after.
I would like a metal table to put the flower plants/pots on.
Don't really want wood.
I would like the table to have its own leg supports,which could folded up, or could be un-bolted and put away for the winter months.
Any help most wellcome.

butterfly1 Sun 31-May-20 18:49:25

I would go on Amazon or Ebay, in search bar put in 'Garden metal folding table' lots will come up in various sizes and prices. Hope that helps.

J52 Sun 31-May-20 18:52:31

Ikea do a folding outside metal table called Saltholmen. Might fit the bill looks quite substantial.

midgey Sun 31-May-20 21:18:02

I think Aldi did one last year as a picnic table, might be worth a look at their website this year.