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New flower for me and I like it

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BlueBelle Fri 28-Aug-20 15:47:02

autotropic morning glory is a summer flower it flowers through July and August I m not sure it isn’t too late to germinate now unless your in a different country
It was the Spanish Flag that is new to me I ve grown the morning glory for years and they pop up very easily but the other one was a flower I hadn’t grown before i suppose it’s the colours of the Spanish flag hence the name

Autotropic Fri 28-Aug-20 14:03:15

I also to plan to plant my own morning glory next week, hope it will germinate.

baubles Fri 28-Aug-20 09:34:41

So pretty.

EllanVannin Fri 28-Aug-20 09:21:27

I love morning glory. A few years back I bought some seeds online from China but they didn't seem to want to grow at all so I thought the best thing was to buy a clump that have already began to grow. Needless to say I didn't get round to it.

Probably too damn cold here, which proves it because a little holly tree has sprung up from nowhere ! It's about a foot high already.

Witzend Fri 28-Aug-20 09:19:43

Very pretty!
I love the Morning Glory, too - I’ve tried several times to grow it from seed, but although it’s germinated, it’s never got as far as producing even one flower. 🙁
I’ve put it in the sunniest spot, too - not sure what’s gone wrong.

BlueBelle Fri 28-Aug-20 08:39:52

My friend gave me some seeds last year they were very slow to germinate and I was ready to thrown them out but what a lovely show they have given me Mina Lobata or Spanish flag
Some blue morning glory have managed to photobomb their way in but are such lovely little smiling flowers I can’t be cross