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Has anyone grown or eaten a cucamelon?

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Dowsabella Sun 18-Apr-21 00:47:11

I tried to grow some seeds a couple of years ago as my eldest grandson thought they sounded fun. His grew and died: my seeds didn't even bother to germinate. I subsequently discovered that they don't taste very nice and aren't worth bothering with! I think I heard the same GQT as you, midgey

grandMattie Sat 17-Apr-21 11:47:42

I’ve grown them outside for the last four years. They’re very nice if picked young, cucumberish with a hint of lime. If allowed to ripen, they are bitter and unpleasant.
We’ve had them in salads; I have also successfully pickled them in mild pickling liquid, not pure vinegar.
They just a bit of fun...

ayokunmi1 Sat 17-Apr-21 11:32:32

My gosh that was a shocker lol

Alis52 Sat 17-Apr-21 10:43:56

I’ve grown them for the last couple of years in the greenhouse. Very easy and prolific.

MiniMoon Fri 16-Apr-21 15:12:32

We grew some a couple of years ago. They fruited well, and I made refrigerator pickles with them in the same way as you do cucumber.
They were good in salads too. We liked the taste, and will be growing them again when we get a new greenhouse. We don't live far enough south to grow them outside.
Go for it, they're fun.

vegansrock Fri 16-Apr-21 14:47:46

We grew them in the greenhouse last year. A talking point. Not worth the bother.

Sago Fri 16-Apr-21 14:14:25

JaneJudge I could say so much.......🤨

JaneJudge Fri 16-Apr-21 13:51:33

it looks most unappetising Sago grin

Sago Fri 16-Apr-21 13:49:57

Try this link first one not working.

Sago Fri 16-Apr-21 13:48:01

If you fancy something exotic and unusual I saw these online.
Who knew there was a penis melon?]]

weeducky Fri 16-Apr-21 13:18:03

Chewbacca, I have grown cucamelons for a few years now in the unheated greenhouse. I love them and so does my 3 year old grandson. He and I eat them like sweets when pottering around but mostly we put them in our salads. They are so crunchy and do taste of cucumber and a very slight limey piquance.. don't think I have ever typed that word before hope I've got the correct spelling! You can make salsas, pickles etc but if you like them you will just EAT THEM FRESH grin

jusnoneed Fri 16-Apr-21 13:16:12

We grew them a couple of years ago, didn't like them. Tiny and bitter taste. Didn't bother again.

Nanna58 Fri 16-Apr-21 12:53:57

JaneJudge stop!! Don’t pollute your gin!!! 😱

Nanna58 Fri 16-Apr-21 12:51:58

Nurtured some; eagerly anticipated eating them- and they were rubbish !!!! Just tasted of ...... nothing!

midgey Fri 16-Apr-21 12:50:11

Chap on Gardener’s Question Time advised that you should plant them near the compost heap....that way you could just put them straight in without taking them into the house! They are definitely not delicious!

JaneJudge Fri 16-Apr-21 12:17:34

lol @ guinea pigs grin

shysal Fri 16-Apr-21 12:15:30

I tried some that a neighbour received in her veg box. I don't remember what they tasted of but I know neither of us liked them, nor did her guinea pigs.

Amberone Fri 16-Apr-21 11:00:36

Never heard of them so I googled them - apparently they taste of cucumber and lime 😃 They sound quite nice, and very nutritious, so they say.

It also says they can be a bit invasive so you might want to monitor where the growth is going.

Trisha57 Fri 16-Apr-21 10:59:06

I grew them once - they are very easy! I got loads of fruit(?) but then discovered I didn't like the taste. Far too sharp and not one thing or the other confused

JaneJudge Fri 16-Apr-21 10:57:35

They look interesting and a quick google suggests they taste of cucumber and lime so might be nice in gin grin

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 16-Apr-21 10:55:18

Sorry, never heard of them!

Chewbacca Fri 16-Apr-21 10:51:02

Went to the garden centre yesterday to buy tomato and cucumber plants and I saw a pot of cucamelon. I've never seen or heard of them before but thought I'd give them a go. Has anyone else grown them? Or eaten them? What are they like? Sweet or savoury?