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spottysocks Tue 27-Apr-21 14:27:48

I've just removed last years flowers from the above shrub, should I prune it to remove some of the taller stems or leave well alone. Any thoughts? smile

Dinahmo Tue 27-Apr-21 14:36:45

It looks fine at the moment so I would leave it alone. I had one on a wall in my last home and it took some years before it flowered. If it got too large then you should prune after flowering I think. The RHS website should give you more info.

shysal Tue 27-Apr-21 15:32:31

This type flowers on last year's growth so I would leave it. It looks like a good shape and it more advanced than mine.

LindaPat Tue 27-Apr-21 15:42:01

Hi spottysocks! It really depends on which variety it is, mophead or paniculata?
If it's a mophead,which blooms on last year's growth, remove last years blooms in spring and gently prune to next pair of good buds down the stem.
If it's a paniculata,which blooms on this year's growth, these can be pruned to 2 or 3 good pairs of buds from the bottom of the stem.
Hope this helps, good luck x

spottysocks Wed 28-Apr-21 15:48:51

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated smile I have the mophead variety, but after looking for the next pair of good buds further down the stem it's quite a way. I just seem to have a couple of buds on the top, the rest of the stem is just woody. I'm going to wait a few more weeks to see if any more buds appear and if not, I might give it a trim.

Spidergran3 Wed 28-Apr-21 23:34:20

That looks to me like the variety that flowers on last years growth. If you cut it back now you won’t have any flowers 😢 You should only need to prune it if it starts to outgrow its space and be prepared to loose flowers for a year.

Dinahmo Thu 29-Apr-21 00:04:59

Just to confuse the issue, I think it looks like H petiolaris - climbing hydrangea.

spottysocks Thu 29-Apr-21 14:51:21

Thank you all for your good advice. smile I think I'd better leave well alone this year, I don't want to lose any flowers, as they're a lovely deep pink colour.