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Round bellied pots for an orchid

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Ramblingrose22 Sun 16-May-21 11:31:23

Does anyone know where to buy a round bellied pot for an orchid plant please?

I have acquired an orchid in a boring and cheap plastic flower pot and want to hide it in another pot that tapers at the top and ideally that has a wider round belly shape.

Have spent hours online searching and come up with nothing.

tanith Sun 16-May-21 11:40:02

Try Googling ball plant pots quite a few came up in images.

annodomini Sun 16-May-21 11:58:46

You may find one among ceramic plant pots on Ebay. I have a peace lily in a rounded pot but it was my GD's birthday gift to me, I don't know where she got it. It may be that the plant was already in it.

shysal Sun 16-May-21 12:53:49

I hate round bellied pots! When a plant outgrows one it has to be broken to remove for potting on!
It seems that you are wanting to place the current pot inside so that will be OK. However, don't orchids need a transparent pot?

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-May-21 13:02:26

I didn't know about transparent pots shysal. Mine have never had one of those!
Maybe they would be even better if they did?

dogsmother Sun 16-May-21 15:39:23

Orchids need transparent pots and next to no soil, they are pretty much air plants. You can put the plastic transparent pot into another larger pot I guess for your own aesthetics.

lemongrove Sun 16-May-21 15:44:15

I have several of those pots, but bought them with orchids already in them.Have you looked on Amazon?

Ramblingrose22 Sun 16-May-21 18:50:16

Thanks to all who have replied.

I have never used Ebay for anything. I havr looked on Amazon and a few garden centre websites including the RHS shop. Haven't tried the Kew Gardens shop yet. I have even looked at pots used for hanging baskets as there are more round ones for some reason.

The transparent pots I have seen for sale were the usual flower pot shape which I am trying to get away from. IMHO a round pot will look so much better!

Lollin Sun 16-May-21 19:20:04

Transparent pots? Learn something new every day.

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-May-21 21:24:54

Why do they need transparent pots?

My mother-in-law used to live actually next to an orchid grower and I never saw one there. The cymbidium he gave me had an ordinary pot. Surely it's not the pot that's the issue, it's the growing medium?

Please can someone explain?

Also, what happens if you put your see-through pot inside another (decorative) one? Presumably that doesn't work?

ninathenana Sun 16-May-21 21:43:35

I bought mine in Dobies. Orchids usually come in clear plastic pots which are apparently best for growing. I have transplanted mine to a larger plastic pot which sits inside a "fat" ceramic pot

Lululemon Sun 16-May-21 21:46:29

I think the roots need exposure to the light, hence the transparent pot.

tanith Sun 16-May-21 21:53:56

In their natural habitat orchids grow with their roots in the air they do not grow in the ground but up in the trees which is why the roots need to be in the light for best flowering they take in moisture through the air roots at Kew they grow them this way in a very damp atmosphere and spray the roots.

NotSpaghetti Sun 16-May-21 22:39:04

I have looked this up now. It appears it’s to do with keeping an eye on the roots (from a grower’s perspective) as they mustn’t be allowed to remain wet. If you have free-draining pots it seems all sorts are perfectly fine, even terracotta (like mine). The transparency is for convenience only.

I’ve seen orchids growing - but it was the idea that they needed to be transparent that I found confusing. I found it even more confusing that the transparent pot could then go in an opaque container! I get it now. Obviously you’d keep lifting it out of the container to check on the roots!
Thank you all for being helpful.

janipans Tue 18-May-21 12:07:47

Found this re the transparent pot thing -
Many Phalaenopsis orchid owners prefer to double-pot their orchids. Potting orchids in a clear, plastic grower pot allows roots to be easily inspected without disturbing the plant. The grower pot can then be placed inside any decorative container.