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Anyone got a robotic lawnmower?

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jeanie99 Wed 04-Aug-21 08:03:57

Our sons lawn is cut by a robot, it merrily cuts away and goes into it's re charger when it needs.
It cuts at any angle so you don't get the nice lines which I like but it's makes life easier for my dil who is responsible for keeping up a very large garden and looking after two little ones.
This is their second robot and they love not having to cut the lawn but it costs probably more than most people would want to pay.

Luckygirl Tue 20-Jul-21 13:44:00

I may have to wait until the guys have been to rotavate the lawn, add topsoil and re-lay it. It is a new-build house with turf laid over rubble. It is very bumpy. In the autumn I plan to get it sorted.

Could you please let me know what make you got dragonfy? Thanks.

dragonfly46 Tue 20-Jul-21 13:10:02

I love mine - the best gadget I ever bought.
I got it from Amazon in their Black Friday sale and have had it for 5 years now.
We call ours Charlie and he goes out rain or shine 3 times a week so I can keep the grass quite long in this heat.

Luckygirl Tue 20-Jul-21 12:02:49

I think the prices re coming down a bit.

Thanks for all the thoughts.

I do not have an outside socket, so that might be a problem. I am wondering if there are versions with removable batteries for charging. I will start researching.

Tea3 Tue 20-Jul-21 11:53:24

I’ve only heard good things about them but I’m holding out until they are a little more in my price range.

Witzend Tue 20-Jul-21 11:50:24

My brother and SiL have one at their 2nd home in France, which has a fairly big lawn. They used to stay very often, but obv. a lot less lately.
AFAIK it’s always worked very well. A sister of SiL painted a cat’s face on it, and IIRC it’s known as Esmeralda. The locals were very bemused at first!

Namsnanny Tue 20-Jul-21 11:36:48

Does anyone know if they are a target for thieves?
I just had a vision of someone eyeing up one on our lawn then running off with it at night time!

Helen657 Tue 20-Jul-21 11:28:37

We had one for 6 years until it finally died last year. Hubby worked abroad, I’m disabled and couldn’t manage our petrol mower. It was great!! Not perfect as you still need to manage the edges of the grass (certainly in our garden). We only have grass in the back, and went for a middle of the range Robomower which was about £1500 back then. Blade replacement can be costly, and we did have a few instances of the outer wire perimeter wire being broken which stops the mower working (painful finding the break!!), but overall it was a great success. Didn’t replace as hubby was retiring and would be home to mow. It costs about £20 round here for our lawn mowing so it wasn’t a cheap option but suited me as I didn’t want someone having access to our garden whilst I was at work.

Aveline Tue 20-Jul-21 11:00:30

We don't have one but there was one at the hotel we stayed at last week. It made a fantastic job of some flat but also uneven bits of extensive lawn. DH was fascinated by it. It had its own wee house where it went to recharge itself. DH spent ages talking to the technician who was doing its annual checks. There is electric wire beneath the edge of the grass to keep the thing on the lawns. It was a top of the range model and apparently cost around £5000!
I loved watching it. It just vaporises grass so no cuttings to collect. It even had headlamps so people wouldn't trip over it in the dark. It beavered away all the time we were there.

midgey Tue 20-Jul-21 10:59:27

I was interested to read only yesterday that they are not necessarily wild life friendly, it was something that had not even occurred to me. They are amazingly expensive still I’m sure a weekly mowing person would be cheaper!

Luckygirl Tue 20-Jul-21 10:21:00

Would you recommend them?