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Haven't any idea what these plants are

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jeanie99 Fri 15-Oct-21 21:58:56

Ok so I have been so lucky to have so many plants given me from my DIL. She wanted to clear this bed as they were building a bike hut there.
I couldn't resist taking the plants, can't bare the thought of them all being dumped in the bin.
Problem is I've no idea what they are.
I did think about potting some into tubs to see what happens next year.
Two are in flower not sure if these will survive.
Any ideas

crazyH Fri 15-Oct-21 22:00:32

Where are the pictures jeanie99?

BlueBelle Fri 15-Oct-21 22:25:07

No way of guessing without a pic ?

Esspee Fri 15-Oct-21 23:06:42

Wouldn’t it be simpler to ask your daughter in law?

jeanie99 Sat 16-Oct-21 00:02:49

Many thanks for replying.
I didn't think about that, I've never uploaded to this site.
Most of the plants have been cut down, there's a couple with flowers on. I'll try and upload, fingers crossed.

Family have only been in the house for a few months so she doesn't know the names of the plants, she's not a gardener.

Grammaretto Sat 16-Oct-21 08:29:16

Take photos anyway and in case you can't ask anyone local, it could be a good thing to put the plants into containers to overwinter. I think that's what I would do.

Ofcourse they could be tender bedding plants which will not survive the winter but if they are established herbaceous border flowers growing in the soil, they won't suffer from being lifted.

For loading images: Below this box there are options to Choose File. Click there and it should take you to where pictures are stored on your device (pc, laptop, tablet or phone) so if you have a photo stored you can select it and upload it easily.

Katie59 Sat 16-Oct-21 08:48:13

If you have space plant them out and see what happens, as a guide if they are small and soft plant at the front of a border if thick stiff stems they may be tall so plant at the back.

I’ve got lots of plants that were a “mystery”

Scones Sat 16-Oct-21 08:58:40

If the plants have been 'cut down' presumably you don't have the roots or bulbs. If so, planting them in tubs might well not work, especially if the plants have flowers on. Try describing the flowers or even better put some photos up OP and we'll try to help. (It's very easy to put photos up, just see the Images box below.)

jeanie99 Thu 21-Oct-21 22:57:21

I've worked out what a couple are Aster (a purple daisy like flower and Sedum is in flower, have planted these.
Some others have roots no soil I'm going to plant them in a pot tomorrow, they have a very interesting shaped leave which I like.
I've planted most things so fingers crossed. I can always replant next year if they take.
One is like a grass from small bulbs, I've planted part of that, a wait and see.
Dil needed to use this area of the garden for a bike shed and was going to bin them, can't stand the thought of that.
Once I have all these sorted I need to finish putting the bulbs in, it's a bit late but I just couldn't get out because it's been raining here.
Thanks everybody happy gardening.

Grammaretto Fri 22-Oct-21 10:23:41

Well done jeannie
The grass from small bulbs could be muscari (grape hyacinth) as that's what it's looking like in my garden now. They spread like wildfire but are pretty in the Spring

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 22-Oct-21 10:56:38

Or the grass like one could be crocosmia if the leaves are quite broad.