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Signing a Passport in the wrong place.

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Seabreeze Wed 27-Oct-21 12:12:30

Hallo ladies.
Does anyone have knowledge of or has signed a passport not in the exact place ie. not on the line.
My new passport arrived with a leaflet that said on the front in bold letters SIGN YOUR PASSPORT IMMEDIATELY. I did. I then read the leaflet which said to sign on the line.
My signature is about 1/2” above the line. I’m worried in case I get to the airport and it is rejected. I have no immediate plans to travel by the way.
I rang the passport office and they were no help at all. Thought one or two of you good ladies may have an answer!

Riverwalk Wed 27-Oct-21 12:24:28

I've just checked mine and it's about 1/2" above the line.

Signing slightly above makes it clearer - and I've had no problem with it for the past four or so years!

Elegran Wed 27-Oct-21 12:56:13

"On the line" is a fairly general instruction, meaning not in any other part of the page. It doesn't have to be actually touching the line, just near it.

Seabreeze Thu 28-Oct-21 11:30:44

Elegran if you re read the post you’ll see that I signed before reading the leaflet.

River walk. Is your passport one of the new type with the chip encrypted symbol on the bottom of the front cover. These have a different page format inside.