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Are your Lily of the Valley in bloom yet?

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snowberryZ Sun 06-Mar-22 10:14:33

I planted some last year (first time)
and I'm not sure if they survived the winter.
Green plants are coming up in the area where I planted the LotV, but they could be different spring plants.

Grandmabatty Sun 06-Mar-22 10:23:21

Lily of the valley can take a couple of years to come up. I planted some three years ago and they only appeared last year! So don't give up hope.

NfkDumpling Sun 06-Mar-22 10:30:36

Very invasive in my garden in the north of Norfolk, but there's little sign of them shooting as yet as we get some bitter north winds here. They sneakily send out lots of runners while you're not looking.

Sparklefizz Sun 06-Mar-22 10:36:37

No, not yet.

snowberryZ Sun 06-Mar-22 12:16:47

Interesting. Thanks.

Libman Sun 06-Mar-22 12:47:04

Not yet in the North West.

winterwhite Sun 06-Mar-22 12:50:56

L of the V will never grow for me. Too inclined to move them on because I think they're unhappy😂. I didn't know about them not doing anything much for 2-3 years so that's useful. But then how do you cover the space while you're waiting?

AreWeThereYet Sun 06-Mar-22 13:50:03

Yes, ours have been out for some time (Surrey). In fact, they are on their way out now. There is only a small clump of them, the relics of a load we planted over 20 years ago that disappeared and have just reappeared over the last few years.

ExDancer Sun 06-Mar-22 13:54:12

Just been out to look.
Can't find them! Have the fairies taken them?

shysal Sun 06-Mar-22 13:54:54

No sign of even the leaves poking through yet in Oxfordshire.

travelsafar Sun 06-Mar-22 14:02:52

I have lots of bright green spikes appearing in various places in my garden which i think are going to be bluebells. I had a small patch under a window but somehow they are everywhere now. I don,t mind, they will be beautiful when they

lixy Tue 19-Apr-22 21:14:40

Just poking up now here in Bedfordshire - in other people's gardens, not mine...

My MIL had Lily of the Valley everywhere; I can't get it to take despite trying in every house we have lived in, sourcing them from different places including digging up a clump from MIL's garden!
Some people here have it mixed in with bluebells which are in full bloom here.

Grandmabatty Tue 19-Apr-22 21:28:02

After my earlier post, my lily of the valley appeared, and have some buds on them. I hope for flowers soon.

BlueBelle Tue 19-Apr-22 22:12:14

I have a large area full of Lily of the valley but they are at leaf spike stage it’s early for them yet (east coast area)

Does everyone realise every part of Lily of the valley are poisonous

Rosie51 Tue 19-Apr-22 23:07:46

They are thugs that take over, but I do love the scent grin My mum and grandmother adored them, so when I pick a posy of flowers it brings back lovely memories. Mine are just showing buds and should start opening within a few days.

tanith Wed 20-Apr-22 07:20:51

Mine Lilly of the Valley have plenty of buds on so hopefully they’ll bloom in the next few days. My English Bluebells are in full bloom, the Spanish ones are a few days behind I much prefer the delicate English ones.