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Judas Tree

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LilyoftheValley Sat 26-Mar-22 23:09:20

I noticed one at a garden centre and thought how beautiful it was despite its unappealing name. I would very much like to grow one but worry about its size. Does anyone have experience of growing one please? |If I had a very large pot would it enable me to keep it and make it a smaller version?

merlotgran Sat 26-Mar-22 23:34:21

It’s described as a fairly small tree but can still grow to about 30’ tall

I had one in my old garden and it thrived on the alkaline soil but my new garden has slightly acidic soil and they hate that. I have discovered a rather stunted looking one in a pot so I’m going to change the compost and see what happens.

BBbevan Sun 27-Mar-22 05:41:55

They have lots of suckers which spread. Difficult to remove. We planted one in a courtyard. The flags were very soon lifting. Lovely tree, but be careful where you plant it .

seacliff Sun 27-Mar-22 05:49:19

They are beautiful. They certainly don't like my extremely heavy clay, or cold windy spots. A sheltered or walled garden is good. Not sure about eventual height.

Esmay Sun 27-Mar-22 17:44:22

It's an incredibly beautiful tree producing rich pink blossoms .
I'd like one .
But it can grow to nearly 40 ' with a substantial girth .

It's probably called a Judas tree ,because it comes from Judea (and Asia ) and not because of Judas hanging himself from it .

I have a lot of trees planted out in the garden and I have some in pots .

If you keep a tree in a pot - the roots will be restricted and the growth will be slower -the Bonsai effect .

But you'll need a big pot and eventually a bigger one .

Esmay Sun 27-Mar-22 18:01:45

Judas trees also grown in parts of Europe too -so it would be hardy .

I'd like a Pink Silk /Persian Silk tree and I'm wondering whether to grow it in a pot .

Grammaretto Sun 27-Mar-22 18:52:43

I have one which must be 20 years old.
I t hasn't grown big - only about 15ft but it looks dead every year and then the blossom starts. I don't think I thought about the soil so maybe I should add lime?

giulia Sun 10-Apr-22 19:47:09

Judas trees grow spontaneously here in Central Italy and can certainly grow very tall. Don't think I've ever seen one in a pot.

They make a glorious splash of colour in the Spring.

Allsorts Fri 22-Apr-22 07:30:37

I couldn't have one because of its history, foolish of me but true. No doubt they are extremely beautiful and it’s ok if they grow spontaneously, but I wouldn’t buy one.