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Geraniums when on holiday

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Puddelchen Fri 08-Apr-22 07:45:48

Can geraniums ( pelargoniums ) be left for a fortnight unwatered if the pots are put in the shade? Thanks.

LullyDully Fri 08-Apr-22 08:02:17

I think it you water then well then put a mulch on top , they should survive. What time of year? Are you in UK?

lixy Fri 08-Apr-22 08:17:18

They should be OK in the shade if you give them a good soak before you go.
This time of year in the UK there's still frost about so they'll need a bit of protection.
If it's a Summer trip they'll need deadheading when you get back, or I was once advised to take the open flowers off before I went away and that worked well.
They're pretty tough.
Enjoy the holiday!

Fennel Fri 08-Apr-22 16:43:10

Can you get some of the seeds? They would be more reliable.
I once found some wild antirinums (sp?) when on holiday in Israel.
I took some of the dead flower heads and when we got home planted the seeds in compost .Kept them in the greenhouse first as our climate is so much cooler than Israel.
They sprouted well.

Fennel Fri 08-Apr-22 16:44:51

ps some countries have laws about the importing of certain plants. You need to check that but geraniums sound harmless.

Callistemon21 Fri 08-Apr-22 16:51:04

Pelargoniums don't mind being dry - are the pots outside?

It's not particularly warm at the moment so they should be ok although we have had plenty of rain in the last day or two.
Also very windy so I'd make sure they won't blow over if they do get dry.

Oldnproud Fri 08-Apr-22 17:26:19

Do you have any garden at all?
If you do, sinking the pots into the soil (preferably in a spot that doesn't get the sun all day) might help them to retain enough moisture to get through a fortnight even if the weather is quite warm and dry.

silverlining48 Fri 08-Apr-22 18:07:08

We put our pots into a child’s plastic paddling pool with a little water and they all survived til our return.

karmalady Fri 15-Apr-22 09:06:20

I always did put my plants in the shadiest area, if inside, i made wicks into a sink of water. Outside I used plastic water or pop bottles with drip feeders, very effective.

Lucca Fri 15-Apr-22 09:08:19

I never knew they went on holiday

BlueBelle Fri 15-Apr-22 09:12:36

I think you’re on a tangent there fennel
Yes they should be fine if you give them a good wagering before you go definitely put in the shade and maybe stand them on soaked paper
Don’t forget knowing U.K. it ll probably rain whilst youre away