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CoolCoco Sat 30-Apr-22 08:51:51

We are extending our patio area , so time for some new garden furniture. Would you go for a garden sofa and coffee table or a dining table and chairs? Not room for both.

JaneJudge Sat 30-Apr-22 08:54:40

I wish I'd chosen a round table with comfortable dining chairs

Elusivebutterfly Sat 30-Apr-22 08:57:01

I replaced mine last year and bought a table and chairs. I decided this was more versatile. The chairs are comfortable if you are just sitting out anyway but a sofa is not so good if you want to eat a meal in the garden.

ShazzaKanazza Sat 30-Apr-22 09:01:04

We have just bought a new 6 seater table and chairs. We like to sit out and eat and I like to pull my seat up to the table where with the big sofas you can’t. We got the chairs that you can recline if you want so it’s the best of both worlds.
The big sofas do look stunning though.

nanna8 Sat 30-Apr-22 09:01:39

We have a very old red gum table with trestle seats which we have to put decking oil on every year. It is many years old now but seats 12 and still looks ok. Great at Christmas though I put a cloth on it then. I think the family would have a fit if we changed it !

Sago Sat 30-Apr-22 09:03:51

Definitely one with a dining table.

Joseanne Sat 30-Apr-22 09:07:17

It depends what you do on your patio, lots of lounging around or eating? I agree with others in choosing chairs with cushions to feel comfortable but which also double up as dining chairs. I bought this and am very pleased. (brochure image).

Davida1968 Sat 30-Apr-22 09:09:13

Definitely a dining set. Ours is Kettler; the chairs are comfortable (and a good height!) It came with really nice cushions, but it's still comfortable to sit on without the cushions. Next door have a "sofa set" which (IMO) is quite "limiting" as well as LOW! It's impossible to sit on their chairs unless the cushions are out, which is inconvenient in the months when they're stored away.

ElaineI Sat 30-Apr-22 09:10:34

DD1 got a big sofa and chairs and the matching table which can be a coffee table or a dining table. Usually used as dining. Sofas are comfy but they bring the cushions in at night. She is in a fairly new estate and last year several houses had their garden furniture stolen - heavy stuff too ?

Joseanne Sat 30-Apr-22 09:15:30

You can get coffee tables that you can raise to eating height, but then I find I'm too low down sitting on DD's sofa set.

Joseanne Sat 30-Apr-22 09:16:26

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