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Recommendations for what shrub to have in pot at north-east facing door.

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Grayling Sat 18-Jun-22 17:48:40

I have had a skimma in a large pot at my front door for the past 8yrs but would like to put it in the garden and replace it with new shrub. It doesn't need to be a flowering shrub but not a conifer as I have a few in tubs elsewhere and also doing well in the garden. Any ideas!

kittylester Sat 18-Jun-22 18:02:49

We have a Winter (or Sweet) Box in a pot by our north east facing front door. It smells lovely when in flower!

Visgir1 Sat 18-Jun-22 18:03:45

Bay tree?

Grayling Sat 18-Jun-22 18:08:44

I have my bay tree at the back and never thought about moving it round. It does really well but is very sheltered - not sure if it would do so well at the front here in the North of Scotland but will keep that in mind.

Casdon Sat 18-Jun-22 18:41:02

How about an evergreen azalea?

Grayling Sat 18-Jun-22 18:58:49

Thank you, Casdon. Why did I not think on that! We have ericaceous soil up here and my azaleas in the back garden do well. I have made my front garden soil free with most of it covered with blue slates and some rather large rocks with alpines and some nice pots breaking it up but do not have an azalea so that will definitely be the plant of choice. for the front door.

Baggs Sat 18-Jun-22 20:06:30

Looks as if you've made a decision, Grayling, but I'll say anyway that we have a small climbing rose at the front of our house which faces north-east. I call it Irrepressible because even roe deer munchings didn't finish it off. I've now protected its lower parts from deer nibblings and it is being rampant and lovely.

Grayling Sat 18-Jun-22 20:37:42

Thanks for that Baggs. On the other side of the door I have a box trellis planter with a pink climbing rose which sounds similar to yours and it does really well. I don't have visiting roe deer here but did in our previous house. They used to stroll up the avenue early in the morning taking a wee nibble on the way - tulips were a particular favourite!!

Esmay Sun 19-Jun-22 13:15:33

Hi Grayling ,

I'd go for a mix in a pot .

An Azealea is a brilliant choice .
As you have ericaceous soil would you consider an Acer as well ?

I have a North East facing porch and have two huge pots of Agapanthus and a climbing rose .

I've also grown hostas, clematis and lilies on the porch .

There's a huge climbing hydrangea up over the porch, but this is too big for a pot .

Wishing you happy gardening .

Grayling Sun 26-Jun-22 15:37:30

Thanks Esmay. Yes - I'm settled on the azealea and going for it tomorrow when the garden centres are quieter. I planted a climbing hydrangea in my son's north east facing garden and I am so envious of it. Never mind, it's been fun planning this garden. Thanks folks for the suggestions.