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Cherry tree trunk...can anyone help?

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Grandpops Sun 07-Aug-22 15:03:17

We have a fairly young cherry tree in a patio pot. It has regularly oozed gum which solidifies but having looked closer there are also large cracks/holes (vertical). I suspect it is the end of the tree but does anyone recognise what is causing this and whether it is treatable? We suspect borers (or canker??)

midgey Sun 07-Aug-22 15:25:52

Looks like canker to me, my cherry tree had it.

Baggs Sun 07-Aug-22 15:28:15

This is natural amber. Cherry trees, especially wild cherry trees, exude it a lot. It's nothing to worry about.

Baggs Sun 07-Aug-22 15:30:46

I should add, it's nothing to worry about in my experience. We have several wild cherry trees and they all ooze. The amber doesn't seem to stop them growing.

The vertical cracks though.... ¿?

Esmay Sun 07-Aug-22 16:34:09

This is gummosis . It's been caused by a wound .
I'd use Bayer heal and seal on it .