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Maywalk Mon 07-Nov-11 15:13:48

Hello Everyone.
I have just found this Gransnet forum. I am 81 year old gran with a super 20 year old granddaughter who is at the moment at Chester University.
Many memories to be found on my website that has had well over 15,400 visitors from worldwide.

I belonged to the main Age Concern discussion boards before they decided to give them a overhaul.
There are many topics in Gransnet that I am interested in such as knitting
and this section of memories and I hope I dont bore everyone with some of my memories and poems.

God Bless All.

Carol Mon 07-Nov-11 15:28:26

Welcome Maywalk. I just had a peep at your website, and found the WW2 rations list fascinating.

Maywalk Mon 07-Nov-11 15:30:00

Thanks Carol.
Glad you enjoyed it.

absentgrana Mon 07-Nov-11 15:47:34

Hello Maywalk Hope you enjoy gransnet. There's quite a range of ages and topics so I feel sure that you will find some things that interest you and you will enjoy.

Maywalk Mon 07-Nov-11 15:54:59

Many thanks absentgrana.

grannyactivist Mon 07-Nov-11 16:30:28

Hello Maywalk and thanks for sharing this link which I'm sure many of us will find fascinating. I'm hope you'll enjoy being with us on GN. smile

Maywalk Mon 07-Nov-11 16:33:21

Many thanks grannyactivist.
I hope folks will find the website interesting.

jonssmith2 Wed 28-Dec-11 07:32:59

Message deleted by Gransnet.

Maywalk Tue 28-Feb-12 19:49:13

Hello Folks.
I hope everyone is keeping well.
I have not been around for a while mainly because its taken me a while to get sorted out with not being too good healthwise. I have been put on Epilepsy tablets apart from having a loop recorder inserted in my chest, similar to a pacemaker.
Anyway to pass my time away I have got a book together to help youngsters
with their WW2 history lessons.
I am pleased to say that many copies are being purchased which are only £2 including postage and a donation is going to my local Childrens Hospice. If anyone has grandchildren doing WW2 history at school and they think the book might help it can be purchased from here.

God Bless All.