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When did it stop? When did it start again?

84 Aveline

Free access to records this Remembrance weekend

1 Grammaretto

Something that hadn’t occurred to me

18 nanna8

DNA pickle....

33 Fleurpepper

Part 2 of Do you remember your first time

27 Katie59

Do you remember the first time?

70 Grannynannywanny

Is Ancestry website having problems or is it me?

5 Joseann

Real-life inspiration - best theme for stories!

7 Aveline


45 Oldbat1

Is it destiny?

8 mumski

I have just realised that multi tasking is getting in the way of productivity.

6 jeanie99

What's to be done with a box of old photos and letters

36 NanaTuesday

Thought a genealogist might know about women graduating...

12 PJ07

Irish passport as a Brexit protest

127 maddyone

Help from Aussie Grans. re finding relatives

8 Fernbergien

Refugees to England

9 growstuff

On your feetikin . . .

4 Bodach

Finding certificates of marriage/death in Europe late 18C

7 grandtanteJE65

Gedcom - has anyone used it?

17 Cressida

Advice if poss re Ancestry

28 mokryna

Trigger Warning - It is Halloween tomorrow can you say yes to the following?

50 MerylStreep

Scottish Census 1921

14 Grammaretto

Who’s the Daddy and where is my sister.

35 Nannagarra

My grandchildren call me Papa …

15 HowVeryDareYou

Memories and Regrets

25 grNadpa

1921 Scottish census. Is this available yet?

3 Grammaretto

How do you search the census by an address

4 Menna

DNA test with Ancestry...a puzzle

44 Germanshepherdsmum

Old Maps of UK

10 ixion

Family photos and paintings

13 Oopsadaisy1

Offer of help

2 lemsip

DNA update

28 Floradora9

Such a short time ago

19 fiorentina51

Radio 2

4 FannyCornforth

Has anyone done DNA tests

72 Chestnut

A Death Certificate query

53 Flakesdayout

The 1921 Census is half price this weekend

2 Germanshepherdsmum

Scottish Indexes Conference

3 Elegran

Family history in England

14 jeanie99

Family Historian 7 software

5 jeanie99

Family Tree Maker. Should I buy this software?

12 rcnrll

1921 Census release today

109 SueDonim

Contact about family tree

5 Shandy57

Have you traced your family tree?

27 Chestnut

Josh Widdicombe for King

4 lemongrove

Swearing in front of Gc.

112 lightallan

Buying copies of certificates

29 Maria59


20 Katie59

How do I find what happened to my uncle?

18 Allsorts

Finding my great grandfather

11 Chestnut