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pollypa8 Tue 10-Apr-12 15:15:12

My birthday is Christmas day and the first one I remember is getting a 'walkie talkie doll' when I was about 2 and running down the hall carrying my doll to the front door to meet my grandparents and falling over the doll. I remember the doll was also the same size as me, I was also a very favoured grandchild too..

Yummygran Tue 10-Apr-12 23:56:28

My Mum's birthday was on Christmas day too, but we always celebrated it on Boxing Day so that she had a special day instead of it being lost on Christmas day. My birthday is 3 January and when I was little the weather seemed always to be bad so that for several years running my parties were cancelled because of snow. I always wished my birthday was in June, for some reason I wanted it to be on 17th!!!

NannaAnna Wed 11-Apr-12 00:21:15

My birthday is December 22nd, and it wasn't celebrated when I was a child because it was "too close to Christmas" sad

kittylester Wed 11-Apr-12 10:00:32

My birthday is 5th January and I sometimes think it would be nice to have an "official" birthday in June or July! It might be shallow but my only 'special' days - birthday, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are all over and done with before Easter!! I had one, well paid, boyfriend who always gave me a box of chocolates at Christmas because my birthday came too soon afterwards! Luckily, our wedding anniversary is in October and my husband hasn't forgotten yet grin

Annobel Wed 11-Apr-12 10:42:19

November 5th. After the war, I was able to have fireworks parties every year. My father and uncle set the fireworks off in the front garden, lighting the blue touch paper with their cigarette ends, while a crowd of small girls sat on the wide window sill, going ooh! and ahh! I still love fireworks but nowadays my family take me to organised displays.

Carol Wed 11-Apr-12 10:49:24

My birthday is in June (so why the heck am I called Carol?) and I am surrounded by other family members with birthdays around the same time. They call it 'the expensive month' and look meaningfully at me!

Ariadne Wed 11-Apr-12 10:53:02

January 7th - kitty know how you feel!

My mother's birthday was 18th December, my grandfather's Christmas Day, then mine, then my grandmother on 19th January....and we all lived together.

My best one was last year, when I was 65, and my lovely DC decided to celebrate on the Mayday weekend, since by January 7th everyone (lots of teachers too) was back at school.

It was SUPERB, the weather was good, I had everyone I wanted with me. We went to our favourite Gurkha restaurant, and they did us proud too. Absolutely the best birthday ever!

kittylester Wed 11-Apr-12 17:28:44

Just reread my post and, for the avoidance of doubt, I ought to point out that I didn't marry the boyfriend who only gave me chocolates for Christmas and that my husband is very generous! For our first Christmas, 6 days after we met, he gave me a Beswick Horse and a gonk! And for my birthday, he gave me a different Beswick Horse and some perfume - well we had only known each other 17 days!

Ariadne so, an official birthday seems like a good idea!! grin

nelliedeane Wed 11-Apr-12 18:56:41

mine is December 29th, everything jaded and wilting,post not resumed,birthday cards if remembered arrive amongst christmas post,everything flat made sure my kids where born May and June and unofficial birthday just gets moved around to suit what is happening elsewhere has never been sucessfulsad just love to be special for one day for once am trying to plan a 60th for myself,but like most women everyone elses needs come first especially as my GD who lives with me takes up any time energy and money...maybe when Iam 70...has always upset me as I have always felt overlooked at this time of self pitying do I sound confused

jeni Wed 11-Apr-12 18:58:50

Dec3 andi only got one present as wellsad

numberplease Wed 11-Apr-12 21:16:36

June 1st, the only one of our family with a birthday in the middle of the year. First 3 girls, Dec 5th, Jan 5th, and Jan 1st, which meant that birthday cards and Christmas cards were always vying for position, and hubby Jan 21st. The 2 boys are September and October.

nanaej Wed 11-Apr-12 21:59:12

DH b'day on Jan 4 .. in last few years have given pressie of an 'event' later in the year so we can do soething special once the Xmas hols etc have faded!

Ariadne Thu 12-Apr-12 11:11:05

My exquisite, clever, thoroughly lovely oldest DG is 16 today. Just thought I'd tell you!

GoldenGran Thu 12-Apr-12 11:15:48

Happy Birthday to her ariadne April is a good month to be born in, mine was Monday, it is also my name. Oops, April,I mean, not Monday!

yogagran Thu 12-Apr-12 23:02:27

Belated birthday wishes Golden

We have lots of birthdays in December in our family including one on Christmas Day, and one of the problems is finding nice birthday cards as most of the shelves are cleared to make space for the Christmas ones. I now shop a few months in advance for all the December birthday cards

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 23:11:10

Happy belated birthday golden wine flowers

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 12-Apr-12 23:14:07

Belated Happy Birthday GoldenGran. (you should have dropped a hint. I would have started a thread) flowers

glassortwo Thu 12-Apr-12 23:15:55

grin that saved you having jingle putting your name up in lights wink

jeni Thu 12-Apr-12 23:21:18


bagitha Fri 13-Apr-12 07:13:34

Belated birthday greetings to ariadne's grand-daughter and to goldengran flowers flowers

GoldenGran Fri 13-Apr-12 08:07:28

Thanks for Birrthday Greetings, a few years ago 65 would have seemed getting towards old age, now I feel It is somewhere near the middle, self delusion? smile

Humbertbear Fri 13-Apr-12 17:58:25

I am not quite at 65 but these days it it still young. When I was a teenager I worked in personnel for a large (v large) company and most peopled died within 2/3 years of retiring. We are the generation had that good nutrition and free health care and on the whole we have reached our sixties healthy in mind and body. To use a cliche,65 is the new 55. Enjoy!

FlicketyB Sat 14-Apr-12 18:02:15

DD's best friend had a brother born on 24 December.His parents gave him an 'official' birthday exactly six months later on 24 June.

My Great God-daughter (can you have such a thing) was born on 29 December and her parents were always insistent on her having birthday cards and presents on her birthday quite seperately from Christmas. We were asked to please never combine her presents, and we never have.

nelliedeane Mon 16-Apr-12 13:52:56

flickety I think younger parents are more enlightened,my mum GRHS,was of a generation where birthdays and cards where unimportant[except hers in july add insult to injury she had my brother on 13th january,he also feels hard done by mine (29th Dec) grin

kittylester Mon 16-Apr-12 14:17:04

My niece had her first baby on Christmas Day so gave him an 'official' birthday on his naming day, 13th July, which was spoiled 2 years later by his brother being born on that date. He now has his birthday on the actual day and Christmas has to wait until 26th December. My sister in law gets quite cross because they then can't go to Boxing Day parties with their neighbours. confused