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Still Geneology.

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sarahc446655 Fri 06-Mar-15 17:55:01

Anyone else on Gransnet been to the National Archives with a serious attitude to research and been greeted with aggressive responses from males on service desks - including one male looking the other way as I approached.
As I don't have any obvious outside features that would creat this response I can only put it down to being a - woman. Funnily didn't get the same response from the British Library or usually anywhere else. Geneology seems to be another topic that comes under the - garden shed mentality of alot of older males.

I might be visiting again but this time ready to make an official complaint on the spot, if something happens again.

AlieOxon Sat 07-Mar-15 10:05:28

Yes - do it.
I haven't been to the National Archives, but have not met this anywhere else!

durhamjen Sat 07-Mar-15 22:58:29

Haven't been to the National Archives, but the people at Durham Archives were a bit like that. They expect you to know what to do even the first time you go and can't be bothered to explain the rules.
Hull History Centre is really good, as is York Archives. In both those places the librarians and researchers seem as interested as you are in what you are looking for as it adds to their knowledge.
Another good one is the mining archive centre, with the Northumbrian records at Woodhorn near Ashington.