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Farewell to the Sea King

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pompa Mon 30-Mar-15 09:15:51

Did anyone watch the BBC program about the Sea King helicopter.
This fantastic helicopter is being replaced soon, the program looks at its history and its role in combat and rescue. So many acts of extreme bravery by it's crews, it had me in tears.

loopylou Mon 30-Mar-15 09:20:39

It was a really emotional programme, wasn't it? The bravery of the crews was astounding, I had little idea of just how far they pushed the limits of the helicopter and the pilots and crews.
Truly amazing people.

rosequartz Mon 30-Mar-15 09:45:41

Thank you for the link pompa, we missed that, will watch it
DH used to go to work in a Sea King.

pompa Mon 30-Mar-15 09:50:50

All those designers, engineers etc that built and maintained the Sea Kings can be proud that they contributed to all the lives saved by such a great aircraft.
I cannot imagine it's replacement ( AW189 ) will ever instill the same pride.

pompa Mon 30-Mar-15 19:33:54

Bumping this up. If you missed the program, catch it on Iplayer, you won't be disappointed.